Top 8 Best Bikini Trimmers Reviews – Best Razor for Bikini Area

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The truth is all people have pubic hair. And there is no one like it. But pubic hair plays an indispensable role in people’s health and all of us can not stop it growing normally. Nowadays, most women love to shape or trim it instead let it grow naturally. Summer comes soon, the clean and sunny beaches are waiting for all who want to enjoy a good time at the beaches with 2 sides sexy bikinis. Thus, looking for some kinds of best bikini trimmers is important. Trimming, waxing or shaving women’s favorite methods because they are easy to do at home or everywhere we can. But, the skin at bikini area is super sensitive, delicate as facial skin thus it is not easy to look for the good ways to deal with. And, it needs to be handled with extra cares. Unless you handle it carelessly, it would get hurt and cause several unwanted hassles. There are some ways to be considered as an efficient part of modern women’s grooming list nowadays.

best bikini trimmers
Bikini Trimmers for Woman – By Aloha

Trimming, shaving, and waxing are the best choices to give a smooth look of the underarms, legs and bikini line. But to be honest, using a razor to deal with this problem is a tricky way.

For example: As a report of WHO organization shows that there are more than 70% of USA women reported to be affected by the extreme irritation after using the low-quality razors. The razor which is used for bikini trimming pubic hair only must be good and sharp enough. Thus, we will review some of the razors that women should choose from as the list below.

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Top 8 Best Bikini Trimmers Reviews

Philips Satinelle EssentialPhilips Satinelle Essential
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Tuknon Ladies Electric Bikini RazorTuknon Ladies Electric Bikini Razor
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Panasonic Electric Shaver for WomenPanasonic Electric Shaver for Women
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Voyor ES400 ShaverVoyor ES400 Shaver
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Braun Silk-épil 7 Women’s EpilatorBraun Silk-épil 7 Women’s Epilator
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Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert 3Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert 3
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Schick Quattro For WomenSchick Quattro For Women
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Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer for Women ES246ACPanasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer for Women ES246AC
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1 Philips Satinelle Essential

With the slogan ” Satisfy and smooth”, it is a slogan of Philips Satinelle Epilator. This bikini razor is famous for its high-quality. This trimmer is attached with an epilator head. Thus it is not just to cut hairs but also remove all hairs from the roots. This epilator can remove short hairs at 0.5mm perfectly because it has gentle tweezing discs. Philips Satinelle Essential razor is a rounded shape, big and heavy enough so it is completely fit for women’s hands. It is big and heavy enough so it is really easy to use. This epilator has a washable epilation head so women can use it while having a shower and then clean it after finishing. For personal hygiene reasons, this trimmer needs to be washed under running water.

The two speeds of the machine include one for a gentle shave and one for efficient one that helps women a lot when shaving hairs at other parts of the body like armpit or legs. The high speed is for the larger area of hair and they do not need to spend too much time for every shaving. The greatest advantage of this trimmer is the comfort that women can feel after using it for a long time. They get a super smooth trimming process at the hardest area. And keep women out of pains and itchiness for the bikini line.

2 Tuknon Ladies Electric Bikini Razor

Tuknon Ladies Electric Bikini Razor is a multiple functions trimmer for ladies. The main reasons make it become one of the most special trimmers is it can turn into a head shaver, a facial cleaning brush, and a face massage. It uses electricity so women do not need to give much power when shaving. It is used for removing hairs on many different parts of the body and it is perfect for all types of skins especially facial skin and bikini line. Tuknon Ladies Electric Bikini Razor is the best choice for solving some problems from oily and dry and sensitive skins also.

The rolling massager head is a new part of the trimmer. It rolls slowly on the faces to clear the dirt and improves blood circulation and tone facial muscles thus it refreshes facial skin. This electric shaver has a special brush that removes makeup and pore-deep impurities deeply. It is better than the normal manual cleanser. Women electric trimmer will be greater if you shave your hairs in a bath with your favorite foam or gel for shaving, then move down with slow speed, and you will know how good is it. This product is rechargeable with battery-operated, waterproof and easy to use for a variety of shaving applications at different periods of time.

3 Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women is a 2 in 1 cordless trimmer which gives a huge source of functions and attachments that gives magical shaving processes. The most innovative things are attached with the trimmer is the combination of three independent flexible pivoting heads, a sharp and hypoallergenic stainless-steel blades and foils. It also comes with a small AC charger that plugs directly into an outlet and it also includes a travel pouch and a cleaning brush so it is one of travelers’ favorite.

This electric razor can be listed as one of the best bikini trimmers for women. It designed with a built-in, pop-up trimmer catches stray hair from the roots. It keeps bikini area skin safe and soft means it protects bikini skin out of hurts, red bumps, and ingrown hair.  Panasonic Ladies Electric Shaver comes with a waterproof head is really convenient to use under running water for the better shaves. It is so easy to dry and keep it clean after finishing trimming.

4 Voyor ES400 Shaver

If women are looking for the effective trimmers that give them more new using purposes then the electric razor named Voyor will be on their shaver list. This razor has four multi-function heads that can be used for different shaving jobs. Its blade is designed to trim hairs at large area. In addition, the precise head of this trimmer can shape the eyebrow and a sonic face brush clean facial skin deeply, so it is necessary for cleaning and taking care of bikini area deeply.

Thanks to the IPX7 standard of the waterproof head, this product can be used for both wet and dry shaving conditions. This high-quality product is rechargeable and modern so it is chosen by many women. This trimmer is a good option that women should have in their grooming kit because it is useful and practical. This trimmer is really a welcome addition in the future.

5 Braun Silk-épil 7 Women’s Epilator

Braun Silk-épil 7 Women’s Epilator has become the most different bikini epilator on the markets so far thus it is the tool that deals with hairs differently. This trimmer is efficiently doing well on gentle and sensitive skin. Using  40 close-grip tweezers, one of the new innovative additions, this trimmer is easy to get rid of with bikini hair instead of using a heated wire to burn it then shave it off with a razor blade normally. This new cordless product can remove short hair at 0.5mm from the roots. This women’s epilator has 6 additional extras comprise a shaver head, a trimmer cap, a massaging cap, a facial cap, a sensitive area cap, and efficient hair removal can make it become the most efficient trimmer that women need to choose from.

6 Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert 3

Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert 3 is an intelligent and special bikini trimmer. It does not come with a blade or even a heating wire to work. Unlike other trimmers, it removes hairs completely by using intense pulsed light. One of the special things for women is the comfort that this trimmer brings to. Because of using the IPL system, this trimmer is safe for beginners that have sensitive skin. This trimmer provides good results after using and women can feel it clearly. It allows women to shave their entire lower leg or bikini area in 15 minutes or less so it also helps women save their time. Because the skin tone seems different from all women so this trimmer is produced to meet people needs by using the unique Sensoadapt function. It works well by using 250,000 flashes over the course instead of using batteries.

7 Schick Quattro For Women

If you are looking for a new trimmer for your beautiful bikini, so Schick Quattro is what you need. It is a battery-powered trimmer and all-in-one shaver. Its design is modern and portable will catch all women’s eyes. For a good reason to choose this trimmer is the close shave is provided by the for ultra-razor. It is all equipped with a compact cartridge with a pivoting head that allows the trimmer to follow the natural curves of the women, so there are no scratches caused by the blade during the shaving process. Schick Quattro is a beautiful product which comes with an ergonomic handle and waterproof blade thus it is easy to hold the trimmer and women can shave under running water while having a shower. This product is produced for women’s benefits only. For all the above reasons, a woman can keep up with their hair trimming routine easily.

8 Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer for Women ES246AC

This product is ensured to bring the safest trimming process for women by using a gentle hypoallergenic stainless-steel bikini razor. Being an important part of bikini skin, the bikini area needs to have cared enough. The most important part of this trimmer is the five-position trimming head for women. It is so easy to trim as close to the skin as you want but avoids the irritation, reactions and red bumps by accidents.

Panasonic Bikini shaper and trimmer for women has a light body and a stain-steel sharp razor that help women deal with bikini hair quicker and easier. The waterproof trimming head, a cleaning brush make the trimmer to be washed easier.  And the powered-batteries charger with 2 AA batteries( not included) that can work well in 45 minutes when it is fully charged 100%. Thus, it is a nice option in women’s grooming kits.

Things to Know Before Buying a Bikini Trimmers

There is nothing that is more important than women’s health. Trimming hairs can affect a lot if they have wrong choices when buying the trimmers for themselves. There is nothing difficult to select good shavers if women understand their body and know what is really good for them. To pick up a right trimmer, you should find out the crucial things that you are facing. It can be hard at first but you will do it later. Understand what you say and you will be easy to reach it.

Bikini Trimmers Reviews
Find out carefully before buying a Trimmer Bikini

Besides, all women should have a careful look at the details about every single product to avoid unexpected things come from the trimmers that risk your health. These guides are the important steps that are considered carefully before deciding to get a nice trimmer.

Hair and Skin Type

Bikini shaver has a close connection with women skin. The trimmers that women are using are good if they match their skin. If their skin is sensitive so the trimmers that they have must have hypoallergenic steel blades. If they have dry skin then trimmer with moisturizer strips help calm and protect their skin down. Being wise when selecting the best trimmers for bikini skin is an important thing because nobody wants to be hurt and then by owning the wrong types of trimmers. It is kind of wasting time and money.

Hair types are different among women, some have thick hairs and some have thin ones. They depend on the difference in hormones of everyone. Therefore, choosing trimmers that are suitable for their hair is in need. It is a waste of money and time in case women do not own the hair trimmer that serves their hair types. For example, women who have thick hair should choose trimmers with sharp and quite strong razors to handle them easily.


Being a wise buyer is not easy and it is more difficult when you are the one who is going to buy a trimmer. There are so many kinds of trimmers in the markets so far. It can be multiple-options but it is also can be specific trimmer. Being a woman, you have the rights to make your bikini lines look soft and attractive. You must understand yourselves first, then you should choose the kinds of cuts that you want to make. You can trim all of your bodies, just some specific parts, or even just a little bit hair around your bikini areas, then you will realize which heads attachments go with trimmers will work well for you.

In case you would like to shave hair all over your body especially at larger areas like underarm or legs then a shaver with hammering head will work so well for you because it can cover more skin on the body. But in case you just would love to look for a simple and small shaver for trimming pubic hair at the specific and tricky area so you should choose a precision trimmer. For good reasons, this trimmer will give comfortable shaves so that you can get to a perfect bikini line

Size and Portability

The size and portability of the trimmer are really one of the most important things that make women consider a lot before they decide the trimmers that they are going to pick up. The portability decides how heavy the trimmers are. They will be more convenient if they are lighter. They are big enough, light enough but fit women’s hands well and it brings a balanced shaving process better than an overly weighted. Of course, the traveling bags need these light trimmers.


If a trimmer’s design looks nice, but it does not work well as its beautiful look then you should not buy it because it is just a waste of money and time. A high-quality trimmer should come with a good handle and makes feel great when using it.

Pivoting Heads

The design, weight, functions and pivoting heads are four things that make a trimmer be chosen. Each trimmer has its own pivoting head and this feature also makes a trimmer different from another. The high-quality pivoting head allows the user to come at the hairs at different angles and allows it to travel easily over the body’s contours and curves.

LED Light

It is sometimes strange if we think about a trimmer that is equipped with LED light. But, there are some bikini trimmers which come with LED light on the devices for the convenience. These lights on the devices can illuminate the area need to be shaved so that the shaving processes get easier without leaving any stray hairs. Moreover, the trimmers are also equipped with a built-in mirror that allows trimming area to be seen even better.

Extra features

Most of the bikini trimmers come with additional attachments so they are not for shaving hairs on large parts of the body but also for eyebrow or armpits. They are truly brilliant. As normal, considering the better trimmer with additional features is necessary. Trimmer that can solve many grooming problems is certainly better than separate trimmers for each of grooming needs. Women can save money when they buy trimmers that reviewed with extra features.

Wet and Dry

On the one hand, some women like trimming hairs under running water straight away after they have a shower. Then, they can have a quick cleaning the trimmers. It is known as wet trimming. On the other hand, some women love to shave in a dry condition better. The important thing is you have to figure out what is your favorite. If you like both using ways, you should choose a shaver that is perfect for both options.


Now, wearing beautiful two sides bikini and lying on the beaches is not the problem that makes all women worry about it anymore because they have full knowledge about choosing good trimmers for themselves. For all the information about the best 8 trimmers for bikini area as above that we provide. We hope you know which trimmers that are useful for solving your hair problems. All the reviewed items are effective for all kinds of skin especially sensitive one. Because these bikini trimmers are designed for preventing bacteria, so they are so hygienic. They run smoothly and softly so your sensitive skin is protected completely. In addition, they are also suitable for carrying bags for their small and handy bodies. It helps ladies express their femininity better because the bikini line will look more attractive and beautiful.

Don’t forget to share and leave a comment for us to let us know which bikini hair trimmers that you think they are the best for you.

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