About Us

Bestforlives is here to give you everything that you need to know to buy the right technology. Our team of experts perform rigorous testing on every product so that you know that you can trust our reviews. While we test products to a high degree, our reviews try to write in plain English, giving you advice that you can both trust and understand easily.

Quality reviews

We do not pull our punches and our guarantee to you is that our reviews are correct and the conclusions are based on fact. It is our promise that if we say a product is good, then it’s really good. All of our reviews come to definitive conclusions, too: if we don’t think a product is not really good, we tell you which one you should buy. While we don’t shy away from too complex and high-end products, we will try to write our reviews in clear, straight-forward English to simplify the buying decision.


Once you’ve made a purchase, ready to use, Expert Reviews is here to help you get the most out of it with our detailed tutorials. We make two promises with our detailed tutorials. First, we make sure the steps actually work, with our writers actually performing the actions; we do not make assumptions or take verbatim advice from social network, forums or other sites. Secondly, we try to write them to be easy to follow for everyone.

Making things better

Our team of experts really understand the technology that they cover and we use this to our advantage. If news breaks about a security flaw, a policy, a big issue with a service or any other problem, we will guide you how to fix the problem rather than just reporting on it.