Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews: Top 5 Exercise Bikes 2019

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There are different recumbent exercise bikes available in the market. With the multiple options, it can be confusing to choose one and select the best one. The honest reviews about the top 5 recumbent exercise bike will help you reach to a great conclusion. With best recumbent exercise bike reviews and keeping the budget into consideration, choose the best one which fits your needs.


Best Recumbent Exercise Bike
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When you are looking for best recumbent exercise bike reviews, there are somethings prior which need to be understood. You have to understand the best recumbent exercise bike and relative information to make the best use of it. Here is some of the information which may be helpful for you.

Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bike

Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bike
By Homefit

Exercise should be a part of life for everyone as it keeps you fit. Due to the busy schedule, you would not be able to take out time for the gym as you get home. But, with the help of best recumbent exercise bike reviews, you would be able to choose a great exercise bike for home. Here are some of the benefits attached to getting the best recumbent exercise bike for home:

  • It provides you with the ultimate convenience to work out any time
  • You do not have to prepare to go out to the gym
  • No membership fees
  • One time investment
  • Keeps you active in the busy routine
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Builds muscular strength
  • Relaxes tension

Differentiation between similar Exercise Bikes

There can be differences among the recumbent exercise bikes from different companies. Some may rule others whereas you might find the less attractive one the best for yourself. It depends upon your choice, but you can differentiate the products by:

  • Features
  • Budget
  • Ease of use
  • Assembly
  • Space

How to choose the best recumbent exercise bike?

Choosing the exercise bike out of so many options can be challenging. You have to keep the priorities in your mind and select accordingly. It may be different for everyone, so there is not one standard way to choose a product. You can choose it according to the comfort as a priority, or some may select another due to the mechanical features in it. Here are some of the things which you can consider according to your preference:

Types of exercise

The resistance is one thing that decides the what types of recumbent exercise bikes are. Different recumbent have different levels of resistance. The truth to be told, the higher level resistance of recumbent exercises athletes choose, the more challenges they get. If you are real working-out guys, and you would like to move to the next levels of resistance to strengthen yourselves then you should pick up the ones that provide great levels from 18 to 20 or above 20. However, in case you are just the guys who want to find out the machines that give normal or regular kinds of exercise to keep yourselves and stay healthy, go and catch the recumbent exercises bikes with the average level 8.

Weight & height limits

Weight: There are no difficulties for you if you know which recumbent exercise bikes that you are going to get. The amount of weight to be supported depends on the power of flywheels. Most recumbents meet the people needs by accommodating 300 pounds ( 136 kgs ), but some other kinds of them can support the ones who want to sweat and tone their muscles more at 400 pounds ( 181 kgs ). In case you would like to share the bikes with your family members or friends then the recumbent exercise bikes which give you wider options will be always great.

Height: The height of the recumbent exercise bikes is another consideration when you look for the recumbent bikes. Normally, most of these machines have adjustable height settings to let you set up the height levels for different people. It is never bad for checking and figuring out the minimum and maximum height accommodation of the recumbent bikes that are good for all of you. In fact, the average recumbent bikes can fit the guys who have 6 feet in height. Thus, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right ones for your ideal height and other people who are various in their height.


Finding out some good recumbents that fit the budgets is one of the important things that you have to do beforehand. The available budget plays as important as space thus it needs to be considered as the main decision for choosing the wonderful recumbent bikes for the gyms or your houses.

There are several recumbent exercise bikes sold on the markets these days. They are various in models, sizes, price and setting options also. Some recumbents are nice and they provide huge benefits for you than others thus they will be the best ones for you. Even though, some recumbent bikes which are the most expensive can not give you wider using options than the cheaper ones.

Good news is you are having helpful and available tools that support you a lot to select the good recumbent exercise bikes from thousands of products. The good recumbent bikes are the ones are equipped with nice designs to fit your space completely so the most expensive bikes are not always the most effective option.

Space available

It will never be too difficult to pick up recumbent exercise bikes for your houses or gyms nowadays because there are so many models that have different sizes to fit your spaces. The good recumbent bikes always the ones are chosen as the most compatible and adjustable ones. For a good reason, you are available to use them easily and they are also suitable for the others using purpose. However, setting available space for putting the recumbents is indeed.


Do you expect great features which come with high-quality recumbent exercise bikes for your gyms or your own houses? Which features are you looking for? They seem a quite hard question for all. The features are different from one recumbent bike to another, thus you are impossible to focus on the certain features really. On the one hand, there are some modern and new models of the recumbent exercise bikes include a large source of features to bring you some more benefits like a little desk for your laptop to allow you surf or work when you are working out.

On the other hand, the others that have higher price usually come with magazine racks. These racks can keep your favorite things for reading like amazing or newspaper so you can do which you prefer to not get you stuck in a boring time. There are no excuses for being busy or bored if you purchase these types of recumbent bikes.

Owning a recumbent exercise bent which connects to the internet to make your work more effectively. There is no problem to have competitive experience with these kinds of recumbent bikes. You have tools to do your work and export the data in a short time easily. Besides, you will not miss any favorite songs while doing exercise because the MP3 slots are connected with the recumbent bikes directly.


Safety is the first. The good recumbent exercise bikes are designed to keep the users in their comfort zone while working out by being equipped with high-quality pedals and flywheels as other equipment in the gym. The handles should be rough and sturdy enough and the pedals need to be preferable to ensure that you are not in a dangerous zone. And, they should have the non-slip design to let them on right grip on high-intensity workouts.

Top 5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Reviewed

ProductsModelAssembled SizeUser Weight CapacityLCD DisplaySpecial FeaturesCheck Price
Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709Resistance ME-70955.5L x 25W x 37.5H inches300 lbsSpeed, Distance, Time, Calories, Odometer8-level Smooth magnetic resistance. Adjustable pedals and seat, Transport wheels for portability, 3.5" LCD display
Check Price

XTERRA Fitness FB350XTERRA Fitness FB35031.5L x 18W x 45.3H inches225 lbsSpeed, Distance, Time, Calories, Odometer8 levels of resistance, Heart Rate Pulse Grips. Folding Design, Transport wheels for portability, 2" LCD display
Check Price

Harvil Foldable Magnetic Exercise BikeHarvil Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike26.4L x 20W x 46H inches330 lpsSpeed, Distance, Time, Calories, Odometer10-level magnetic resistance. Folding Design, Transport wheels for portability, 3.5" LCD display
Check Price

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent BikeExerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike33L x 19W x 46H inches300 lpsSpeed, Distance, Time, Calories, Odometer8-level adjustable magnetic tension control system, Space Saving Folding Design, Transport wheels for portability, 3.5" LCD display
Check Price

Schwinn 270 Recumbent BikeSchwinn 270 Recumbent Bike66.5L x 12.5W x 27.5H inches325 lbsSpeed, Distance, Time, Calories, Odometer25 levels of resistance. 29 programs, Bluetooth connectivity, in-console speakers with MP3 input port. DualTrack LCD displays.
Check Price

Below is the detailed reviews

1. Recumbent Resistance Exercise Bike by Marcy ME-709

Working out at home is always convenient because you do not have to pay for large membership bills. Those membership bills would have no scope in the future as you might miss the days of the gym in a month. The best solution which would be cost-effective is to get the right recumbent exercise bike at home.

The incredible recumbent resistance exercise bike by Marcy fits perfect anywhere in your house. It has a reliable motion which keeps the body comfortable while working out. The color blend of this machine is in a mix of golden, black and silver. There is no problem in creating space with this exercise bike anywhere in the house.

This exercise bike has a sturdy body with reasonable weight. The control system comes with eight levels which increase as the peddling becomes faster. The knob is adjustable to challenge yourself with a new level every day.

The exercise bike contains calories indicator which can help you measure the distance and speed for progress tracking. The seat comes with a back so you can rest on it while peddling. Another great feature of this exercise bike is that it helps you exercise peacefully without any noise.

The wheels are smooth to peddle and easily lifted. The resistance of this bike is perfect for beginners as well. The bolts and maintenance keep it away from any damage for a long time.


  • Convenient workout at home anytime
  • Easily assembled after opening the package
  • It is cost-effective
  • Has a durable and reliable design
  • Works long-term if maintained well
  • Best for routine workouts


  • The exercise bike cannot fold

2. Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike by XTERRA FB350 Model

Folding recumbent exercise XTERRA bike gives you the convenience to work out at home with comfort. The frame of the bike is easily foldable which helps you carry it anywhere you want. You do not have to set the bike in one place, but if you wish to move it to different places at home, it is convenient for this great bike.

It is cost-effective and does not consume space due to the amazing folding feature. The wheels at the bottom of this bike allow you to move it easily unlike other heavy bikes. Peddles are padded which keeps it smooth for rotation no matter how long you wish to work out.

The seat is heavily padded and adjustable as you work out. There are eight levels with the control system in this bike which helps you in keeping track of the progress. The tracking allows you to measure the time, distance, pulse, speed, and calories.

As you work out, you can consistently monitor the pulse to keep the levels managed. The handlebars are strong-gripped to ensure complete control of the user.


  • Provides full support to the user
  • Comfortable seat and peddles
  • Convenient handlebars
  • Easy monitoring of pulse and speed
  • Different levels to work out every day
  • LCD for tracking progress
  • Adjustable peddle and seat
  • Foldable and easy to move
  • The durable and long-term use


  • The seat cushion may feel rigid after long work out hours.

3. Magnetic Foldable Recumbent Bike by Harvil

Magnetic foldable bike by Harvil serves you with ten levels to work out at your home. The LCD lets you measure and track the progress every day. The straps of peddles are adjustable and keep the feet in grip while working out.

The bike is easily assembled and foldable to be placed anywhere in the house. If you wish to move it somewhere else, it can be dragged easily with the attached wheels. This product helps you measuring the pulse, distance, speed, time and calories to make the tracking easy.

The seat and peddles are easily adjustable with the backrest of the seat. The pedals are anti-slip which keeps the position of the feet consistent for work out.

It is a great machine to be used by anyone to keep exercise in routine. You can lock the bike when not in use with the help of the knob to keep it away from children use.


  • Comfortable seating and pedals
  • Easily adjustable
  • Convenient transport anywhere in the house
  • Can be folded quickly
  • Consumes less space in the room
  • Best for home workouts
  • Effective results after consistent usage
  • Durable and reliable machine


  • The machine does not have space for bottle storage.

4. Comfortable Recumbent Exercise Bike Foldable – Exerpeutic 400XL

If you want to invest your money in something good, then Exerpeutic Recumbent bike would be a great option. It helps you stay fit in your routine without stepping out of the house for work out.

You do not have to get ready for the jog instead sit in the comfortable seat and start peddling. It is convenient and designed for everyone to use even if you have had injuries. It helps you fix any muscular damage and provides you quick recovery.

The great features of this product give you the experience of the gym at your house. It is cost-effective and does not consume much space in any room you wish to keep it. It is easily assembled through the instructions in the package by the manufacturer.

The functions of this product include eight levels of control systems which releases the tension. You can adjust the peddling easily while working out according to your capacity. The machine does not have any noise so you can even work out during night time without disturbing anyone in the house.

The bike has tracking feature which can help you view the burned calories, speed, distance, time and heartbeat. The LCD screen has a clear view to help you keep the consistent tracking.

The seat is cushioned to keep it comfortable and easy to work out without any back pain. The bike can be dragged easily through the wheels anywhere in the house. You can easily fold the seat and make it fit in any room you want to.


  • Reliable bike with being cost-effective
  • Anyone can afford it
  • Easily shifted to another room/place
  • Can be assembled easily through instructions
  • Comfortable and convenient to be used at home
  • Helpful tracking system with LCD screen
  • Quick recovery from any muscular injury
  • Ideal for weight loss
  • Shows quick and instant results


  • The machine does not have space for a bottle or cell phone
  • The machine does not support USB port

5. Exercise Bike Recumbent Schwinn 270

There are different models of Schwinn exercise bike, but the Schwinn 270 is the most updated one. It provides high performance as a result to the person who aims for a daily workout. All the features which are an ideal one for the exercise bike found here. Schwinn recumbent bike is considered as one of the perfect bikes of all.

For the home user, it is great exercise equipment to keep for a long time. The strength of the body increases with the usage of this bike every day. You can easily lose fat and build muscles with the consistent workout routine through this product.

A goal and focus need to get set to extract the best out of this exercise bike at home. You will not need any other exercise machine at home when you have this amazing bike. It has the elegance to be kept anywhere in the house without disturbing any of the décors.

The installation of this bike is easy with the instructions in the package. Within half an hour, the machine is assembled and working for you. The design of the bike is attractive with 25 levels and 29 programs to exercise. Throughout the month, you have multiple programs to work out with so that you do not get bored.

This product also has the feature of tracking the progress to measure calories and distance covered every day. The great feature of tracking provides you motivation to work out every day. The pedals and seat are comfortable to use and light to manage. It comes with a USB port to help you charge the devices while you are listening to music during work out.

Another great feature of this product is that it comes with three fans which keep the sweat away while working out. You will not be short of breath with this amazing product and lose weight sooner than you can think if you are consistent.


  • It is comfortable to use
  • The seat is light and hassle-free
  • The machine gets easily assembled
  • Various programs installed to work out every day
  • Adjustable peddle and seats
  • LED lights support
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • DualTrack LCD displays
  • In-console speakers with the MP3 input port
  • Helps you track the progress of the workout
  • has an attractive design
  • Updated and trendy technology installed


  • The display of this machine might not match the choice of everyone


How to Maintain a Recumbent Exercise Bike

This video guides the proper cleaning and maintenance of upright and recumbent bikes. Proper maintenance will help the machine to operate stably and provide the best workout effect.



Out of many options for the best recumbent exercise bike, you will have to choose one eventually which can be difficult. As a recommendation, Recumbent Resistance Exercise Bike by Marcy ME-709 and Exercise Bike Recumbent Schwinn 270 are two of the best to consider.

These contain everything needed to purchase the best recumbent exercise bike but with full value. The strong body yet lightweight will help you locate anywhere you want along with ease of exercising anytime. The seats and peddles are easily adjustable with the feet to keep it smooth for work out.  You will not get tired of working out on both of these machines.

The steady body and the ease of working out with the folding exercise bike will leave you astonished, and you will see a dynamic change in your routine and body. Both machines are safe to use, and if you use these consistently, you will get to see effective results soon. The operations of both exercise bikes are without any noise so even if you wake up earlier than everyone else in the house, you can work out easily.

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