Best Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews: Bowflex SelectTech 552 & 1090

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Are you planning to establish a new gym where you can keep yourself healthy as well as earn some money? If yes, then probably you are looking for the best gym equipment. From Squat rack to bench press, hammer strength machine to kettlebells, barbells to dumbbells, there are countless numbers of gym equipment available in the market. But, dumbbells are one of the most preferred tools of a gym. Not only they are affordable but also used to train almost every muscle of your body. Usually, they are best for joint-isolation exercises like chest flyers, shoulder raises, biceps curls, etc. There are two types of Dumbbells: Fixed Dumbbells and Adjustable Dumbbells.

Best bowflex adjustable dumbbells
by Bestforlives

With the advancement in technology and the competition in the market created by the gym equipment manufacturers, the adjustable dumbbells have gained popularity amongst gym freaks and bodybuilders. The adjustable dumbbells are the need of the today’s generation as they will keep you miles away from the efforts that you might be making before your work out sessions to change the weight plates. Furthermore, they are portable and can fit in a small space.

Though many brands have launched their adjustable dumbbells in the market, Bowflex adjustable dumbbells are the best bet to buy in the segment. If you are looking forward to buying the adjustable dumbbells, then it can turn out to be the best decision of your life. Before you go ahead, you need to know the reasons to buy Bowflex adjustable dumbbells. In this guide, we are going to tell the same.

Reasons to buy Bowflex adjustable dumbbells


The Bowflex adjustable dumbbells come with a unique Dial-a-weight adjustment system which is as easy as twisting a dial. You need not lose the bolts of your dumbbells and switch between weight plates to fulfill your requirements. All this can be done without much of a hassle with the innovative weight adjustment system. With these dumbbells, you can easily choose from a wide range of weight settings to meet your workout requirements. All you need to do is, twist the dial which is built into the handle of each dumbbell and you are free to choose between 5 lbs to 90 lbs. With every twist, you can increase the weight on either side of the dumbbells from 2.5lbs to 5lbs.

Weight Range

The complete weight range that has been offered with these best Bowflex dumbbells is more than enough to fulfill the needs of the roughest workouts performed by the professional on various platforms. These dumbbells provide a weight range that begins at 5 lbs and can be taken as high as 90lbs. With 17-different weight settings that can be attained as 5, 7.5, 10 and so on up to 90, the dumbbells will never fell short for the weight plates. All you need do is, choose an equal amount of weight on either side of the dumbbells, and you are good to go to push your limits with the widest range of available weight plates.

Design and Mobility

The dumbbells come with a very attractive and eye catchy design. It is easy to hold it as its handles are contoured to fit the shape of the hand, and the grip is knurled steel. Overall they look amazing and feel great even when lifting them on heaviest possible settings. The cradle, which is actually the tray designed to hold all of the weight plates. The dumbbells won’t occupy much of the space and are easy to carry as well.

Quality & Durability:

Talking about the quality and durability of the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells, the name says it all.  These highest-rated adjustable dumbbells have been manufactured using with high-strength metals to provide a secure lock on the weight plates. A thick layer of hard plastic has been coated on the weight plates which can withstand even the roughest workout sessions. The hard plastic coating also favors the weight plates to move smoothly next to each other while sliding in and out of the cradle when changing weight settings by the users. The only issue which can be much of a concern for the users will be, the not too durable brackets of the dial adjustment system. These brackets haven’t been designed in a way to withstand frequent falls after completing the sets. These are susceptible to damage if dropped too much during the workout sessions.


Bowflex dumbbells-1090 comes with a 3-year warranty, while Bowflex dumbbells-552 is available in the market with a 2-year warranty. Both the models have a warranty that covers all the parts of the dumbbells and includes labor if the parts need replacement or are sent back for any reason. Apart from the warranty period that the dumbbells come with, there is a 6-Week Fitness Results guarantee that is available on both the models. The money back guarantees on the dumbbells provide users an opportunity to try them and take a 100% refund of the price within 6-weeks if users are not impressed with the results. Such a warranty with the product will make you give it a try for at least once.

While these were the reasons to buy Bowflex adjustable dumbbells, there are many more, such as price, compact size, portable, easy handling, etc. Before you step to shop these adjustable dumbbells, you need to know the things you should consider when buying Bowflex adjustable dumbbells. In the next part, we are going to tell the things to look for when shopping for Bowflex adjustable dumbbells.

Things to consider when buying Bowflex adjustable dumbbells

Decide your budget

There is no doubt that quality comes with the price. And, these dumbbells will definitely gonna require some amount to purchase them, but that’s for sure will be worth. That is why it is recommended to decide your budget as its prices vary with the model and features. At present, there are two models available in the market, Bowflex dumbbells 552 and Bowflex dumbbells 1090, to serve the requirements of the users. While the price of both the models is close to $300, but at this price, the 552-model comes in a pair, and 1090-model comes as a single dumbbell. So, if you are planning to purchase a pair of these dumbbells, then first make a budget, and decide which of these will be easy on your pocket.

Weight Range

Another important thing that should be kept in mind before purchasing one of the above models is to make sure about your requirements regarding the weight range. The 552 model provides a weight window from 5lbs to 52.5 lbs which is almost sufficient for a casual work out. But, if you are a bodybuilder or wishes to push his/her limits even harder or use them as professional equipment on various platforms, then you must go with 1090 one. Though the price of 1090-model is little more than 552-model, it will fulfill all your requirements regarding the weight plates as it has 17-different weight settings. The 1090 model allows you to choose from 10lbs to as high as 90lbs.

Know your needs

Before you make your decision and choose any one model of Bowflex Adjustable dumbbells, it is recommended to know your needs. Make a list of priority things you want in your dumbbells. It will make it easy for you to make the right decision. For instance, there is a difference in the warranty period of both dumbbells. You can consider this factor to make the right choice.

Easy to switch out the plates

When you perform the workout, you need to make the weight adjustments as per your needs and sets. You will never wish to cut your workout time or let your heart rate slow and muscles cold in between sets while changing the weight you’re lifting. Hence, it is recommended to choose the one that allows you to replace the plates easily.

Securing Mechanism

If an adjustable dumbbell doesn’t have a proper securing mechanism, the plates might end up while sliding either side. Not only it can damage the equipment, but also harms you. Therefore, before you buy adjustable dumbbells, make sure its rod holds the weights securely in place.

While these were the factors that you should keep in your mind when buying Bowflex Adjustable dumbbells, there are many more such as maneuverability, sturdiness, material, etc. If it is still difficult for you to make the right decision, we are going to describe the features, pros and cons of both the models in the next section of this article. We hope that it will help you.


Bowflex SelectTech 552 & 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

ProductsModelWeight RangeNo. of ExercisesNo. of SettingsCheck Price
Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells5-52.5 lb. per dumbbell, 2.5 increments up to 25 lb.30+15
Check Price
Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell (Single)Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell10-90 lb. per dumbbell30+16
Check Price

1 Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

These adjustable dumbbells can be easily adjusted by turning dials which are provided at either end of each weight. It offers a wide range of weights, ranging from 5 to 52½ pounds so that you can choose your dumbbells depending upon how hard you want to work out.

In order to set the weight for your dumbbells, your each dial movement will add 2½-pound to the dumbbell for the first 25 pounds. And, after completion of 10-dial movements, it will add 5 pounds for each dial movement until it reaches the maximum limit. The two dials are placed on either side of each dumbbell, allowing you to choose the desired load unless you accidentally create an uneven load. Overall, Bowflex will provide 15-different weight settings, starting from 5 and reaching 52.5 pounds on either side.

Each dumbbell has a 15¾-inch-long bar that makes it suitable for you to lift the dumbbells on any weight settings. It eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells cluttering your workout space. These are one of the best adjustable dumbbells available in the market.

Talking about its quality and the durability, its brand name says it all. Bowflex is a brand known for selling premium and quality products. The design of the dumbbell is so amazing that you may fall in love with these twin giants.

With the use of high-strength metal in the handle, core, and brackets the dumbbells have no rattling weights which is a secure fit. Besides this, a thick hard plastic coating has been used on the weight plates that can withstand even the roughest workout sessions.

One thing to be kept in mind is the brackets of the dial adjustment system are susceptible to damage if dropped too much. Thus, these dumbbells haven’t been designed to stand frequent drops during the work out sessions.

With a 2-year warranty on the dumbbells, how could anyone even think of more; it seems the perfect bet. The warranty period covers not only parts but labor as well. Furthermore, if users are not happy with the dumbbells, Bowflex never ask any question from the user.


  • It provides quick and easy 15 different weight settings to adjust the weight.
  • Adjustable in precise 2.5 lb increments for first 25 pounds and 5lb afterward.
  • The design of the dumbbells is extremely amazing and user-friendly.
  • The handles are comfortable to hold as these are rubber-gripped.
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee.


  • Maximum weight range which can be achieved on both sides cannot exceed beyond 52.5 lbs.
  • Not designed to withstand frequent drops as weight brackets can damage if dropped too much.


2 Bowflex SelectTech1090 Adjustable Dumbbell (Single)

One year after the release of SelectTech 552, Bowflex released the SelectTech 1090 model. The reason for this new launch was the limited weight range of the previous model, which was maxed out at 52.5 lbs which doesn’t come up much of a benefit for advanced weightlifters.

With the later model, the capacity and the weight range of the dumbbell has now increased. Now you will get a full 10-90 lbs window to choose the weight range. With this advancement, these dumbbells can cater to the needs of both professional and casual work out freaks. Besides being used for home gym’s these dumbbells can now be used on professional platforms as well.

The dumbbell comes with 17 different weight settings that can be achieved by simply twisting a dial over each weight on either side. Choosing amidst a wide range of weights has never been easy with dial-a-weight adjustment system by Bowflex. With each twist you can easily add 5lbs to the existing weight on either side and can move from 10, 15, 20 to 90 lbs by twisting the dial thereby offering a total of 17 different weight settings.

Talking about its quality and the durability, 1090 uses high-strength metals to provide a secure lock on the weight plates when the bracket system is in use. Besides this, a thick plastic liner has been coated on the weight plates to make it withstand the roughest workouts by the professionals. But still the issue with frequent drops persists, and you have to be pretty much careful regarding the dropping part after completing your sets. The dial and bracket system are not that much durable. And, they are not made to withstand frequent drops.

The dumbbell comes with a 3-year warranty which is enough to make you relax and focus more on the workout part. It covers each and every part of the dumbbell and the labor which will be used while returning or repairing. Bowflex also offers a money-back guarantee under the label ‘6-Week Fitness Results Guarantee’ on the dumbbell. Under this, you can easily return the dumbbell if you are not satisfied with the results within 6 weeks.


  • 17 different weight settings, ranging from 10lbs to 90lbs.
  • Catchy, user-friendly design which will make your workout sessions more energetic.
  • Dial-a-weight adjustment system for quick and easy weight adjustments.
  • High-quality material is used in the dumbbell which favors its durability and quality.
  • 3-year warranty with 6-Week Fitness Results Guarantee.


  • Sometimes the large size of dumbbells becomes uncomfortable during certain exercises and sessions.
  • Its dial and bracket system is not durable to withstand frequent drops.
  • Its steel grip is sharp that can harm you.

Final Words

These were the two models of the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells that we discussed today. With a competitive market in these types of equipment, many firms are selling adjustable dumbbells, but all of them are not of good quality. You can close your eyes and go for the Bowflex ones. All products that are manufactured by Bowflex are high-quality products, and they offer a good warranty on their products to offer more comfort to the users.

Wearing and tearing of dumbbells can reduce its lifespan. So, they all need proper maintenance. If you want to get a complete value for the money you have invested on the dumbbells, then you need to know some tips to use these dumbbells. In this guide, we are going to give some tips to use the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells. Not only it will enhance its lifespan, but also make a good impression on your gym visitors.

What are the best ways to use these dumbbells?

Maintain Balance

Before putting your hands on any of the dumbbells, kindly take care that the weight plates you have chosen on either side of the dumbbells should hold the same amount of weight on the other side to avoid any kind of accident. You can maintain a balance on both sides by selecting the weight by rotating the dial in the clockwise direction. For instance, if you have twisted the dial to reach 25lbs on the left side, then the same weight should be taken on the right end of the dumbbells.

Dial-a-weight adjustment system

The dial and the brackets that are used in the user-friendly weight adjustment system is not that much durable as compared to the whole product. In order to avoid breakage of the brackets and the dial, avoid making frequent falls during your workout sessions, as these brackets haven’t been designed in a way to withstand frequent falls after completing the sets.

Dumbbell Maintenance

Both Bowflex dumbbells 1090 and Bowflex dumbbells 552 models are low maintenance products. Here are a few steps that should always be followed to maintain the dumbbells:

Don’t use harsh chemicals

Don’t use any solvents or harsh chemical to clean this product; it can damage the material while degrading the performance of the product. If any of your dumbbells have caught dust or have become dirty while your workout sessions, you can easily clean them by using an old cloth, mild soap, and warm water. All you need to do is dip the cloth in warm water and add a small amount of mild soap. After following these steps do not forget to dry the dumbbells with another dry old cloth.

Don’t try to disassemble your dumbbell handles

Never disassemble the dumbbell handle or base assembly, as these dumbbells are not designed to be serviced by the users themselves. Performing such an activity can even void the manufacturer’s warranty. Contact your Bowflex® retailer or Nautilus, Inc. directly for service.


Talking about the lubrication part, the SelectTech® Dumbbell is internally lubricated so there is no need for further internal lubrication. Though the contact between weight plates and selection discs is not lubricated by the company, there is no need to lubricate these as well because of naturally low friction between them. But if anytime you may personally feel to lubricate the weight plates and/or selection discs, use only a silicone lubricant, preferably “food grade”.

While these were some ways that can help you to enhance the lifespan of your dumbbells, there are many more, such as

  • do not operate this machine outdoors or in moist or wet locations,
  • do read the manual before using these dumbbells,
  • don’t let the dumbbells hit together during the workout,
  • don’t perform pushups with the dumbbell handles,
  • don’t use a dumbbell with worn or damaged parts.
  • do not try to force the adjustment knob to turn when dumbbell has been removed from the dumbbell base,
  • don’t let the dumbbells falls freely to the ground as it can damage the product and lead to occur personal injury.

We hope this guide will help you to choose the right Bowflex adjustable dumbbells that can fulfill your needs. If you need some more information, explore the internet. All the best!

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