Best Bike Rack for Suv Without Hitch and With Hitch (Top 10 in 2019)

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Are you planning a trip with your family in your SUV? Do you want to enjoy the adventure with your bicycle during your trip? Are you looking for the ways to carry your bike along with you? If your answer to the following questions is yes, then you are at the right place.

Best bike rack for SUV without a hitch and with a hitch
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SUV has always known for its superior quality, high design and interior space. But, carrying two or more bicycle on a family trip may seem a tough task even for an SUV. But, stuffing a bike in the back of a car is a hassle. It is a process that usually requires dissembling your bike parts, folding down your car seats, and pushing your bike into the cabin until the trunk lid closes. Not only it can damage your bike, but also leave grease, mud or other stains in your car, making your car interior look bad.

Bike racks attached to your SUV can ease the problem of carrying your bike with you. If you are looking for the best bike rack for SUV, then it is the best decision you can take to keep your car and bike safe. Before you go ahead, you need to know the benefits you can reap from a bike rack. In the next section, we are going to tell the benefits you can reap by buying a bike rack for your SUV car.

Reasons to Buy Bike Rack

Grab and go

It was years back when transporting bikes required dissembling the parts like wheels to fit inside a car for easy storage. However, bike racks allow you to just grab your bike, put it onto the rack, and get going!

Added space while traveling

Regardless of the type of bicycle car rack you buy, you will definitely see added space inside your vehicle. With all the bicycle components safely sticking on the back of the car, you can easily share more space with your friends and family while traveling. In addition to that, you can keep more stuff like backpacks and luggage which would otherwise be difficult to adjust to it.

A versatile piece of equipment

With better technology and designs, it doesn’t matter which type of car you own; you will find a bike rack which is compatible with it. Most bike racks are designed to suit a wide range of cars; you can check its guide for proper installation. Hence, with the help of a bike rack, you can transport your bikes safely to other places.

Value for money

The amount of space saved while traveling increases comfort, which is worth the money you pay for a bike rack. You need not worry about your bike or the car interior getting damaged. Moreover, you can invite more friends to your trip as the bikes no longer occupy half your car space.

Easy to install

If you are thinking that setting up the equipment on your car can create a headache, then stop worrying. Most bike racks come fully assembled and ready to use which allows you to use them the moment they arrive at your doorstep. Or otherwise, a setup guide is provided to aid the installation procedure.

Safely transports bikes

If you are traveling long distances with your bikes, it is a possibility that they might get damaged; mainly due to the less space in the car. On the other hand, bike racks give a perfect solution to this problem by carrying bikes safely in the car. Furthermore, bike racks come with padded frames and straps which allow you to keep your bikes stable and safe.


Purchasing a bike rack is a one-time investment. As long as it is taken care of, it will serve you for a long time. A bike rack will come handy on every road trip and while regular commuting as well. Its durability will help you be carefree about transporting bikes around the town at any time.

These were the advantages that you can reap from a bike rack. We hope it is sufficient to tell you why a bike rack is one of the must-have equipment. Before you plan to buy a SUV or truck bike rack, please wait! Make a little research.

From a roof rack carrier, tray or handing-style hitch rack, truck mounted, to spare-tire mounted, bike racks come in a variety of type. With so many options available, choosing the one that suits you the best is an overwhelming task. Therefore, it is recommended to find out the things you should consider while buying a bike rack for SUV. In the next section, we are going to tell the things you should keep in your mind when buying a bike rack. We hope it will help you to find the best bike rack for SUV.

Things to Remember When Buying a Bike Rack:

With and without hitch rack

Racks come with a hitch and without a hitch. Which type you choose, it all depends on the personal choice of the user. Hitch racks are the most popular rack available for SUV; they don’t require assembling and dissembling of the bike and make the loading easy. But, if you are concerned about price, then opt for without hitch rack. Furthermore, a hitch rack will block your rear view mirror. So, if you use rear view mirror while traveling, then the rack without a hitch will be the best option.

Vehicle Type

Before being in a rush to buy a bike rack, it is essential to know what kind of car you drive; it is a sedan, an SUV, a truck or a hatchback. For instance, if you own an SUV, then SUV specified rack must be used like SUV spare tire bike rack or hitch bike rack. These are some of the best bike racks for SUV Therefore, the more specific you are about your need, more likely you can invest in the right bicycle rack.


Security is something that is considered the foremost feature when buying a bike rack. In order to enhance the safety of your bike and rack, many bike racks come with a bike lock and separate bolts so that you can attach the rack to your car.


Stability is the most crucial factor to be considered when buying a bike rack for SUV. Numerous types of bike racks offer safety from theft, wear, and tear, etc. But, when it comes to superior bikes, at that point you should search for racks that are durable, sturdy, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to read the online reviews before making a decision. It will help you to notice that the rack you’re planning to buy is inclined to rust, cracks, loose bolts or any other wear and tear that could cost you money in future.

Number of bikes to carry

Another significant question you need to ask yourself whether you bike alone or like to bike with friends and family. The bike racks are available from one to five. It means the more bikes a rack is equipped to carry the more expensive, extensive and heavy the rack will be – so wisely choose the rack based on your riding needs.

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While these were the things you should consider when buying a bike rack for SUV or truck, there are many more, such as efficiency, compatibility, price, arm support, etc. If you are still unable to find the best bike rack for SUV, then continue reading. In this guide, we are going to tell the product reviews of top 10 bike racks.

Top 10 Best Bike Rack for Suv Without a Hitch and With a Hitch Reviews

Top 5 Bike Racks for Suv Without Hitch

ProductsModelMounting Style Bike CapacityCheck Price
Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount RackAllen Sports Deluxe Bike RackTrunk Mount2
Check Price
Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount RackAllen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike Rack (newer Model)Trunk Mount2
Check Price
Allen Sports Ultra Compact Folding 1-Bike Trunk Mount RackAllen Sports Ultra Compact Folding Bike RackTrunk Mount1
Check Price
Saris Bones 2 Bike Trunk Rack, BlackSaris Bones 2 Bike Trunk RackTrunk Mount2
Check Price
Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S Deluxe 3-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Bike Rack.Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S Deluxe Bike RackTrunk Mount3
Check Price

Please read below the detailed reviews

1.Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mounted Bike Rack, a versatile bike carrier

This Allen Deluxe bike carrier is a perfect solution for carrying your bikes around the town and cross country. With patented designs for a range of vehicles, it is an easy to install carrier with exceptional features. You can attach it to the trunk of your car. It offers you options to choose it according to the number of bikes. It fits on a range of vehicles: sedans, hatchbacks, SUV’s, and minivans. There are two side straps on the rack which prevent your bikes slipping off. Also, they provide increased lateral stability. The 12 inches long and 11.5 inches wide carry arms offer greater bike compatibility. Hence, a wide range of bike frames and styles can fit into the rack. The individual tie-down system protects and secures your bike and adjusts according to your bike’s size and frame. It comes completely assembled; No hassles of setting up the equipment. It is all set and ready to use.

Though it is one of the best bike racks for SUV, it may damage your car paint on the trunk. The metal components may scratch your car trunk leading to the removal of paint. It can also cause dents. However, slow drives may prevent damage. Moreover, it might not fit some vehicles and may lead to bikes falling off the rack.


  • Works with a range of cars
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Available in 2/3/4 bike variants
  • Large carry arms
  • Individual tie-down system to fit your bike


  • It may scratch off car paint.
  • It may not work for some vehicles. Though it generally works for sedans, it is not compatible with them.
  • It may cause car trunks to bend when driving at high speeds.
  • In some cases, bikes may be unsafe on some car trunks.


2. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack (newer Model), a simplistic and easy to use bike carrier

This trunk mount rack has a simplistic design with exceptional sturdy components which can carry up to two bicycles. It can be installed within seconds and is compatible with a wide range of cars like sedans, minivans, hatchbacks, and SUVs. It is one of the most suitable bike racks for SUV with or without a hitch in particular. With 12 inches long and 11.5 inches wide carry arms, it can fit in many types of bicycle frames and styles. Moreover, there is no hassle in setting up the equipment; all thanks to its single configuration design. It keeps your bikes safe and secure with its individual tie-down system and adjusts according to your bike’s frame and size. It has a padded lower frame which protects the car trunk’s metal from scratching against the paint.

However, the cushion on the lower frame may split, causing bicycles to slip off. Without the padding, the frame may also scratch against the trunk and bumper of the car. Driving at high-speed can bend the frame, making your bikes unsafe. The equipment is a good solution for carrying your bikes around, but it may start wearing out after a few months. Even though the rack comes with its own straps, you may require additional straps to keep the bikes stable while driving.


  • A simplistic design which is easy to set up
  • Can carry up to two bikes
  • Large carry arms which can accommodate a wide range of bicycles
  • Individual tie down system to keep bikes safe
  • Padded lower frame to protect the trunk


  • May require additional straps to keep bikes stable
  • Components may start falling off after a few months
  • Padded frames may split, causing damage on the trunk


3. Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack, a small but powerful bike carrier

This compact bike carrier comes in two variants: 1-bike and 2-bike. The 1-bike variant has a maximum capacity of 35 LB whereas the 2-bike variant has 70 LB. Being a trunk mounted carrier, it attaches on the back side of the car. As the name suggested, it is very compact. You can fold up its part to fit in its own carrying bag or backpack. Its components are made of steel which makes them durable. Along with being compact and easy to carry, it fits many car designs such as sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs. It comes with padding to protect the car trunk, as it keeps the equipment away from the car. It has 3 adjustable security straps to protect your bike. Its tie-down system keeps the bikes secure as they grab the bikes tightly.

While being one of the best bike racks for SUV, it might not fit certain car designs, even when listed in the fit list. Also, it may cause scratches on your trunk, as the padding may fall off with use. In addition to that, the carrier leaves the front tire loose, causing to swing while driving. The straps have weak links which can tear while tightening and, more dangerously, while driving as well. Furthermore, though the carrier is small in size, it is relatively very heavy. The folding design may not be an easy task for everyone. In a nutshell, even though the carrier is easy to carry and use, it may not be a good option because of its design.


  • Comes in two variants: 1-bike and 2-bike
  • Compact design which aids portability
  • Padding on legs to keep them away from the car
  • Tie-downs to securely keep bikes in place


  • May not fit certain car designs, even when listed as compatible
  • Padding may fall off
  • Very heavy in weight
  • Folding design isn’t convenient to use


4. Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack, a good looking and compact bike carrier

This trunk mounted rack can carry up to bikes with a maximum capacity of 70 LB (35/bike). It has injection-molded arms and legs and the arc-based design separates your bikes on different levels. It has the strongest frame, weighing only 9lbs. It comes pre-assembled which makes it even easier to use. Its material is 100% recyclable as well as non-rusting. Its rubber coated feet protect your car from scratches. Its anti-sway straps keep your bike safe. It is one of the best bike racks for SUV. It is designed to fits with most of the cars: sedans, hatchbacks, SUV and minivans. The best thing is that it is easy to fold and store. With so many features, this bike carrier is a treat.

Though it fits most spoilers, you should check the Saris Fit Guide before purchasing the carrier. In hatchback cars, you may not be able to lift the hatchback with the carrier in place, with or without the bikes. The plastic straps need to be monitored as well. They don’t stay locked for a long time. They may also break off while driving at high speeds. Moreover, driving over bumps may be dangerous for your bikes as they may fall off balance. The front wheel may sway while traveling and may damage the bicycle as well.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Light weighted
  • Non-rusting material
  • Doesn’t damage car trunk
  • Strongest frame in the market


  • Cannot lift hatchback with the carrier in place, with or without bikes on it
  • Plastic straps around the bike may break while driving
  • The front wheel of the bike isn’t kept stable


5. Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S Deluxe 3-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Bike Rack, a heavy-duty bike carrier

With 1, 2 and 3-bike variants, this bike carrier is easy to handle and install. This trunk mounted carrier has foldable arms make it easier to store and carry as well. Moreover, it comes completely assembled, which makes it even easier to use. It fits most car designs: sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUV. However, it isn’t for cars with rear spoilers as well as those longer than 18 feet. Anyhow, it prevents car scratches and dents with its padded lower frame, which keeps the components away from the vehicle. Its OE standard black E-Coating protects it from rusting. Its heavy-duty nature is aided by the 2.5-inch marine-grade stainless steel tubing frame. While its sturdy nature keeps the components compact, its soft cradles protect your bike. It comes with an installation guide which makes the installation process easy.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best bike racks for SUV without a hitch and with a hitch. But, it may require you to make adjustments a few times when traveling. Though it comes with padded frames that can keep the components away from the car, the bike may scratch off some car paint as it is close to the trunk. They may also wear out with use, reducing the protection against scratches. Moreover, the bottom straps may loosen to cause dents on the car. There are certain bikes that may not be suitable for this carrier. Hence, it is recommended to give a thought before purchasing it.


  • Easy to install and carry
  • Foldable arms
  • Comes completely assembled
  • Rusting prevention with OE standard black E-Coating
  • 5-inch marine-grade stainless steel tubing frame makes it heavy duty
  • Comes in 3 variants: 1, 2, 3-bike


  • Padded frames may wear out over time
  • May not be suitable for certain bikes
  • Components may damage bike paint


Top 5 Bike Racks for Suv With Hitch

ProductsModelMounting Style Bike CapacityCheck Price
Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack , Silver/Black (522RR)Allen Sports Deluxe Bike RackHitch Mount2
Check Price
Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (1/1/4 and 2-Inch Receiver)Swagman XC Cross-Country Bike RackHitch Mount2
Check Price
Allen Sports Premier Hitch Mounted 2-Bike CarrierAllen Sports Premier Bike RackHitch Mount2
Check Price
Tyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe 4-Bike Carrier RackTyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe Bike RackHitch Mount4
Check Price

1. Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

The rack with easy to use features ensures the safe transfer of your bike when going for camping or road trips or long drives. Quick assembling and easy installation make it the best bike rack for SUV owners and bike lovers. The tie-downs on the rack are equipped with rotating arms to hold the bicycle and secure it from any damage. The arms are easily folded down, giving complete flexibility to the driver while driving the vehicle. The mast on the rack is quickly tilted back fro and easily lifted when it is on the right place on your vehicle. Allen sport gives you an option to buy a bike rack for SUV without or with a hitch. The hitch rack hardware can easily be fitted to the receiver hitch and holds tightly in place with the help of no wobble bolts making it the top choice for SUV owners. However, this rack comes with the holding capacity of maximum 70lb carrying at most two bikes which perfectly fits in 1.25 and 2-inch receiver hitch.


  • Easily and secure installation without damaging your vehicle.
  • 15-inch gap between the handles of the bike which protect them from rubbing with each other.
  • Folding arms make driving easy.
  • Excellent built quality and reliability for long route drives.
  • Flexible enough to hold any size or type of bike, e.g., children bikes with training wheels, women bikes, etc.
  • The rack alone is not very heavy so will not affect your driving speed.


  • Need to have a receiver hitch on your vehicle otherwise the rack is of no use.
  • Needs to be unbolted every time while detaching it from the vehicle.
  • Difficult to open the behind door of the car.
  • Some drivers may feel awkward while driving with a rack attached to their vehicle.


2. Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (1/1/4 and 2-Inch Receiver)

This model of Swagman hitch mount rack can be used to transport up to 2 bikes at a time. It is light-weight, reliable and has many great features for a reasonable price. It is compatible with 1/1/4” and 2” hitch receiver. The mounting rack requires minimal assembly making it simple and hassle-free. It has a built-in anti-wobble hitch device which would keep your bikes sturdy and in place. It allows you to use it with different cars or terrain models. The frame grip arms are coated with a soft frame coating. Once you locked your bike on the frame, you need not worry about any damage to your bike’s finish. You can easily adjust the ratchet arms of this mount rack to fit different sized bikes conveniently. These arms can be adjusted to accommodate bike frames up to 59 cm. To mount your bike on this rack, adjust the bottom wheel holders according to the width of your bike; once you mount the bike press down the top bracket firmly. For removing the bike, press the ratcheting top hook release. It allows you to access your vehicle’s rear easily as the center arm of the rack can be folded whenever required.

Though this mount rack claims to keep the bike’s finish safe by incorporating the soft frame coating on the frame grip arms, with regular use your bike can suffer some outside finish damages. The rack starts rusting with regular use. Due to this, the components start getting stuck making it difficult to assemble. Anti-wobble pin is recommended to be brought along with this rack without which the assembly wobbles extremely.


  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Mounting and removal of bikes are very easy.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Suitable for any type of car or truck.
  • It allows you to mount the bike frames up to 59 cm.
  • The rack can be easily folded to make the rear of the vehicle accessible.


  • Despite having a soft coating on the frame grips, it can damage the bike’s finish with regular use.
  • It may start rusting with regular use.
  • It wobbles a lot without the anti-wobble pin.


3. Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Bike Rack S525

You can choose from a lot of bike transport options like roof racks, trunk racks, and hitch-mounted racks. Due to various benefits, hitch-mounted racks have gained popularity over the years. This premium hanging rack from Allen Sports needs sufficient space under the top tube for securing your bike, apart from this the tire width and diameter of your bike would not hinder the assembly. It is compatible with 2” and 1 ¼” receiver hitches. With the right ratchet, you can assemble it in five minutes. It has an anti-wobble bolt which secures the rack to the hitch; it eliminates the side-to-side sway or the horizontal movement on the rack. When compared to the tray based hitch racks, Allen Sports 2-bike rack weighs very less (about 25 pounds). This feature makes its storage and carries easier. This also saves a few ounces of your gasoline during traveling with or without your bikes. The carrying arm of this rack can be folded down when the rack is not in use. You can easily swing down the entire rack, making your trunk or hatch conveniently accessible. Another striking feature of this bike rack is that the assembly has sufficient space between the bikes which makes sure that the bike frames don’t rub against each other causing surface damage.

Though the anti-wobble bolt eliminates the possibility of horizontal swaying to a large extent, there is a lot of vertical movement when the vehicle is moving. Another point which sets back this model is, when the Arms of the rack is folded down, they start swaying, swinging and rattling during movement.


  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Stable and sturdy bike carrier.
  • The cradle straps are made of durable UV resistant rubber material
  • The tie-downs have a soft cradle bed to protect your bikes from damage during transportation.
  • Dual compound spine shield protects your innermost bicycle from damage.
  • This model offers plenty of strapping options to avoid quiver during transportation.


  • The arms of the rack swing and sway a lot when the vehicle is in motion.
  • The bike rack is secured to the vehicle with the help of ASTM grade 5 bolts and nylon jam-nuts. It is not convenient if you constantly remove and reinstall the bike rack.
  • This bike rack assembly is not compatible with Campers and Trailers.


4. Tyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe 4-Bike Carrier Rack

This heavy-duty bike rack is simple, easy to use and very affordable making it the perfect travel accessory for bike transportation. It comes with dual arm carrier that can carry up to 4 bikes. It mounts on both 1-¼” and 2” hitch receiver and is compatible with SUVs and trucks. You can assemble this on your Sedan, Hatchback, and Minivan as well, but you would need a matching hitch receiver. This aesthetically pleasing bike rack has a single supporting center mast with a dual arm construction. The center mast supports its two cushioned arms. Each carry arm has four soft cradles where you can mount your bike. The bike rack is made of sturdy steel metal and has a corrosion resistant coating making it very durable. When you are not using the rack, you can easily fold down the arms; you can tilt the mast to an angle to make the vehicle rear accessible.

You can attach this bike rack to your vehicle through only one point. Due to this, the bike wobbles no matter how efficiently you strap it to the rack. Also, the tires of all the four mounted bikes would be spinning throughout the journey as there is no mechanism to hold them in place. Even though this model of bike rack is competitively priced, there are a few other formidable bike racks of the same category in the market which offer a stiff competition.


  • Easy to set up, load and unload the bikes.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Has foldable arms which prove to be useful to create parking space when not in use.
  • Comes with a tilt down feature which makes the vehicle rear easily accessible.
  • Carry arms of the bike rack have soft cradles, lined with a soft padding to prevent any kind of damage to the surface of your bikes.
  • A free cable lock is provided along with the bike rack which adds extra security to your bikes.


  • Tilt down feature does not work when the rack is loaded with bikes.
  • The rearview mirror is blocked when the bike rack is loaded with four bikes.
  • No matter how tightly the bikes are secured, there will be some swaying as the bike is attached through a single point.



While these were the top bike racks available in the market, there are many more. If you are still looking for the best bike racks for SUV, then explore the internet. You will definitely get the one that suits your budget and needs. We hope that this small guide will help you to find the best bike rack.

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