Best Bass Fishing Lures in 2019 – Reviewed and Compared

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Do you love fishing? Want to catch aggressive fishes like Bass? If yes, then you need to think about buying the best bass fishing lures. A fishing lure plays a vital role in fishing activity as it decides whether you will come back home empty-handed or you will be able to catch the big one. Though there is a wide range of fishing lures available in the market, it makes it difficult to decide which one to choose. But, a little research can make a huge difference. However, before you look forward to buying the best bass fishing lures, you need to know why it is worth to invest in fishing lures. In this guide, we are going to tell the reasons to buy fishing lures.

Best bass fishing lures
By Sebastian

Advantages of Buying Bass Fishing Lures

Lures can help you catch larger fish

It is a fact that when you use the lure, you’re more likely to catch larger fish as these lures are designed to attract fishes. However, fishes are more selective when it comes to lures, so you need to find the lure that can bring the fish to eat it. Moreover, fishing lures can make your fishing experience more satisfying.

Provides Control

Though artificial lures are dead, you need not rely on live bait to catch the fish. Artificial lures provide you the freedom to make the movement in the water in order to attract the fishes. Sometimes live baits break down in the water, but at that time artificial lures will never ditch you in the middle of fishing.


Baits usually refers to meat, live worms or insects. They are small in sizes and disintegrate through the water. However, lures are bigger in size as compared to baits and maintain their shape and size. Therefore, they are more like to catch the attention of fish.


You need to invest in baits before every excursion. You will also need to refrigerate the bait to stay fresh on the boat. However, when you use lures, they can be reused again and again. It makes it a more economical option as compared to baits.


It is difficult to keep the bait on the hook and leave a bad smell in the boat. However, artificial lures are made up of different material like plastic, rubber, feather, threads and foam. Hence, they are more convenient to use.

While these are the advantages of using artificial lures, there are many more such as they help you to focus on fishing; you need not to change it again and again, etc. If you are planning to buy fishing lures, then it can turn out to be the best decision of your life. However, there are different types of bass fishing lures available. Before you go ahead, it is recommended to know about the various types of fishing lures. Without wasting much time, let’s have a look at different types of fishing lures.

Types of Bass Fishing Lures

Jig: Bass Jig is known for its versatility; you can use it for fishing during any season. They can get into the areas where other lures can’t. There are various types of jigs available for some techniques, but Arkie jig is the most preferred one. You can flip them, skip them, pitch them or swim them. They are widely used by the fishermen as they are capable of attracting the largest bass. Some anglers find it useful especially in late autumn when temperature drops and fishes are less likely to be active. They are easy to use. You can fish them in 2 feet deep or drag the bottom in 40.

Crankbait: Another fishing lure that holds the crown for best “year-round bait”. They are ideal for targeting fish in open water as well as deep cover. Though it comes in various size, shapes, weights and running depths, the right fishing lure can be chosen solely based on the depth of water you’re fishing. It looks like baitfish or crawfish – two of the favorite foods of bass. They are easy to cast and use. Its variety of options allows it to meet the requirements of every angler.

Jerkbait: Traditionally, it was used in cold water months, but now, it is also considered in the category of “year-round bass lures”. They have one main function: imitate minnows; whenever bass feeds on minnows, these are the ideal lures you will need. They are also suitable for use in low-temperature conditions. They have long slender minnow imitator with 2-3 treble hooks and a small bill which helps them dive on a fast reel or hard jerk. If you want to fish near the surface, you can choose hard jerk baits and if you wish to fish in deep water, then go for soft jerk baits.

Finesse Worm: These are plastic worms that are used for more bass caught than any other kind of bait. They are created by pouring liquid plastic into a mold and adding dyes, metallic flakes or even scent. They come in various size and shapes resembles worms, crawfish, lizards, frogs. Their soft plastic bodies encourage fish to hold them little longer, giving the fisherman a good chance to set the hook. Moreover, there is no other lure that can be rigged as weedless as plastic rubber worms. There are different types of worm fishing lures are available, but for bass fishing, Texas rig, Wacky rig, Carolina rig, etc. are commonly used by the anglers.

Spinnerbaits: Spinnerbaits got their name from the way they spin in the water during fishing. At first glance, they don’t appear to be an effective lure, but spinnerbaits have been around for decades, using flash and vibration to trigger the bass attention. They work incredibly well during a windy day. They come in a wide range of weight ranging from 1/8 ounces to 2 ounces. The lighter spinnerbaits are ideal for shallow ponds whereas heavier baits are made for fishing in deep water. It is the lure that works well with reel rather than the fishing rod.

Topwater Lures: Topwater lures are one of the must-have bass fishing lures. They allow the anglers to enjoy the view when bass leap out of the water to engulf the bait. They are the best for fishing in low light conditions. These lures are designed to produce ripples on the water surface which causes popping and splashing sounds which attracts the bass and make it easier for the angler to catch the fish.

While these are the types of bass fishing lures, which one you will choose, it depends on your personal choice. However, with so many options available, it becomes overwhelming to decide which one to choose. In order to make it easier for you, here we are going to tell some tips to buy bass fishing lures.

How to Buy Bass Fishing Lures?

Match Lure Color to the Water Color

It may sound strange, but it is the most vital factor you should consider as it makes it easier for you to catch the fish. Though there are countless numbers of colors of fishing lures available in the market, if you are a beginner, then green color lures would work best in green waters, and blue lures would be effective in blue water. You can also buy a good color contrast fishing lure.

Get the right size

Fishing lures come in a wide range of size from 1 inch to 12 inches. Before you go ahead, it is wise to decide your target fish. Because smaller lures measuring an inch or two is great for bluegills, perch and crappies, but if you after bass or river trout, then fishing lure from 1 inch to 3-inches is more suitable. For largemouth bass, you may need lures ranging from 2-5 inches.

Decide the depth of fishing ground

Which fishing lure will suit you the best, it also depends on the depth of your fishing spot. In summers, fishes tend to go to deeper water. Hence, you need to buy deep fishing lures. In winters, they go to shallower water, so, instead of using surface lures, you will need to use a shallow running lure. Before you go ahead, it is recommended to decide the depth of fishing ground and weather conditions as well.

Check the Cover Conditions

Some fishing lures stuck in the weed grass. That is why it is crucial to know the cover conditions. For instance, if you are targeting northern pike or largemouth bass, you will be fishing in spots with lots of weed all year. So, you will need the lure with a weed guard. But, if you are fishing on the spot where weed grass is not a problem, then you can go with surface lures.

While these are the tips you can consider when buying the fishing lure, there are many more such as check its price, shape; you can also decide on the basis of water temperature. We hope that it will help you to choose the best bass fishing lure. If you are still unable to decide which one you should buy, we are going to review the best bass fishing lures.

Top 8 Bass Fishing Lures Reviews

ROSE KULI Fishing Bass Lures Multi Jointed Topwater Life-Like Trout Swimbait Hard CrankBaitsROSE KULI Fishing Bass Lures Multi Jointed Topwater Life-Like Trout Swimbait Hard CrankBaits
Check Price
Yamamoto Senko BaitYamamoto Senko Bait
Check Price
Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing LuresRapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures
Check Price
Tbuymax 10pcs high-quality Holographic Spinner Lure kitTbuymax 10pcs high-quality Holographic Spinner Lure kit
Check Price
BiCO Original Lead-Free Bass JigsBiCO Original Lead-Free Bass Jigs
Check Price
Storm WildEye Swim Shad 03 Fishing LuresStorm WildEye Swim Shad 03 Fishing Lures
Check Price
Sougayilang 12PCS Grub Fishing Lures for BassSougayilang 12PCS Grub Fishing Lures for Bass
Check Price
wLure Minnow Crankbait for Bass Fishing wLure Minnow Crankbait for Bass Fishing
Check Price

Below is the detailed reviews

1 ROSE KULI Fishing Bass Lures Multi Jointed Topwater Life-Like Trout Swimbait Hard CrankBaits

It is a lifelike yet decidedly fake fish that will attract real fish wherever you go fishing. This ingenious contraption will ensure that every fishing expedition will draw in the best and biggest fish. Whether you are a pro angler or a newbie, this bass fishing lure could get you the results you desire when in action. It is a complete value for money product.

Fish follow fish, and this trout swimbait will bring the best fish right to you. To ensure that your catch is hooked accurately, this contraption comes with rust proof and razor-sharp treble hooks, delivering great flexibility. An effective gravity ball on each ROSE KULI trout swimbait will ensure that your line floats when it must and will sink right below the surface to effectively reel in the biggest of predator fish such as roach, trout, muskie, walleye, bass and yellow perch. This artificial bait for bigger fish ingeniously mimics the colors and even movements of actual fish; facilitating fishing success in the very same way a smaller fish is likely to attract bigger predator fish.


  • Dual Treble Hooks and Gravity Ball
  • 3D Holographic Eyes
  • Multi-Jointed Body
  • Topwater Fishing Lure


  • Product Colors Mimic Smaller Fish in their Natural Habitat
  • Targets Bigger Predator Fish
  • Dual Treble Hooks
  • Effective Gravity Ball
  • 100% Reusable


  • Unique Contraption takes Getting Used to
  • Will only attract Predator Fish
  • Hooks could Lack Durability

2 Yamamoto Senko Bait

As a fisher, your primary aim is to increase your catches. An addition of Yamamoto Senko into your fishing game will help you achieve just that! It has quickly become the favorite of many anglers around the world. One of the best parts of this bait is that you don’t need to be a pro to use them. From a first-timer to a tour-level pro, all kinds of fishers can easily use it.

It might look like just a thick round plastic worm, but it can work wonders for you. It increases the fall rate from the salt it impregnates into the fish’s body. You can try rigging it wacky style or Texas rigged to experience its versatility. If you rig it weightless, the Senko falls horizontally with a side to side action, which attracts fishes.

It comes with a variety of colors. These include Baby-Bass, Cinnamon Brown, Cream white, watermelon and many more. So, you can choose whichever suits your fishing style. It comes in a wide range of size choice ranging from 3 inches to 7 inches.

However, you do need to keep certain things in mind like its durability. The bait might be too soft. It can cause it to rip after a few casts.


  • Size: 3 to 7 inches
  • Colors: Baby-Bass, Cinnamon Brown, Cream white, watermelon and many more


  • Increases catch
  • The salt it impregnates into the fishes drives them mad
  • Easy to use


  • It may be too soft
  • May rip off in 4-5 casts

3 Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures

These bass fishing lures use natural sounds to attract fishes. They emit sounds of the frequencies that are natural and uniform. The sounds they produce heighten curiosity in fishes which, in turn, pulls them towards the hook. The phenomenon used by this RapalaRattlin is definitely going to increase your catch numbers!

This lure is a shallow-running crankbait, which has two full-size treble hooks. It has a classic lipless structure. The slow to very fast retrieve rates in its swimming action is surely going to impress you.

It comes in a huge variety of colors. It ranges from baby bass, bluegill, and silver blue to shad and red crawdad. The design of the lure is quite balanced. It aids long-casting which makes it viable for any place you wish to fish in. It has VMC® Black Nickel Hooks, which are of premium quality. You can confidently rely on the quality of the lure as all of them are hand-tuned and tank-tested.

You would want to consider some issues with this fishing lure too. It may lose its sharpness after a few uses. The parts may also rust; hence, they may require extra care from your side.


  • Size: 1.5 to 3.5 inches in length
  • Color: Baby bass, bluegill, firetiger, silver gold, silver blue and many more.


  • Ideal for long casting
  • VMC® Black Nickel Hooks of premium quality
  • All pieces are Hand-tuned and tank-tested
  • Two full-size hooks to catch fishes


  • A bit expensive
  • The parts may rust

4 Tbuymax 10pcs high-quality Holographic Spinner Lure kit

This kit from Tbuymax comes with ten different spinnerbaits. They have a completely new design which is sure to impress you. Moreover, these fishing lures have a lifelike swimming action in the water. It will ensure a high catch number in your fishing game!

These fishing lures are heavy, making them ideal for catching big fishes. All of them are made of metal and have one sharp treble hook each. Each blade is silver-stamped with silver plating or paint. The motion of the blades mimics creates flashes and vibrations like that of small fishes or other prey, which pulls fishes towards it. In addition to that, the captivating bright colors also attract fishes towards it. These are particularly useful on Bass, Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike and Salmon.

You would also find this bass fishing lure very convenient to use. The packaging includes two plastic boxes as well. The packing box makes it extremely easy to restock all the pieces before storing them.

But, you need to consider a few things before making your purchase. The price of the kit is less which raises doubts about its quality. Moreover, the spinner may not spin properly.


  • Size: 2.5 inches in length (each piece)
  • Colors: different colors in the kit


  • Packaging box makes the equipment easy to use and restore
  • Bright colors and lifelike motion in the water attracts fishes
  • Ideal for catching big fishes


  • The quality of the blades is cheap
  • The spinner may not spin

5 BiCO Original Lead-Free Bass Jigs

Another best bass fishing lure which acts as a great addition in your tackle bag and ultimately your fishing basket. Its unique old standup design assures to bring out every bass from their hideouts and get them out of the water. It is specially designed with a deep-throat wide gap model along with a claw-shaped configuration. The heavy head is just perfect and does not need any additional weight to make it sit upright on the lake or riverbed. It allows it to skip remarkably well. You can cast it not only far but deep inside the water too. The jig features sleeves that produce ripples in the water. The tip of the bait tapers towards an eyelet giving it a sharp and pointed look that lets the lure slips smoothly through the weeds. Every jig is handcrafted and carefully assembled to maintain the standard quality. It comes along with top-quality OWNER hooks for strength, durability, and secure hooksets.


  • Type: Lead-free
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces
  • Dimension: 3 x 0.5 x 4.5 inches


  • The 3/8 oz bass jig is highly versatile.
  • Equipped with a longer and stiff fiber weed guard.
  • Long lasting.
  • The jig heads are coated with durable paint.


  • You need to be experienced to operate it.
  • It is a little stiff.

6 Storm WildEye Swim Shad 03 Fishing Lures

These swim shad baits are extra soft and appear so realistic that any fish will fall prey. It has a strong look with internal lead heads and bio-salt impregnated tails. Every part of the fish including the big 3D eyes gives it that real appearance. The product is a part of the “Award Winning” softbaid segment of the brand Storm. These considerably low priced baits are available in a variety of color, pattern, and size. Once you dip it in water, it attracts the fishes and allows you to pack your bag full. You can use it to bait a variety of fish like bass, perch, and pickerel.


  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Size: 3 inches
  • Quantity: 3-per pack


  • You can use these lures in both fresh and saltwater
  • Excellent built-in holographic foil finish.
  • The baits are rigged with high-quality VMC strong and sharp needle point hooks.
  • The integrated weight enables superior swimming action.
  • Easy to use


  • Sometimes they get detached from the hook when dipped in water
  • Difficult to keep the hook set on wild fishes that jump a lot
  • It is not very easy to create an action in the water with these lures
  • Can’t be used for more than 10-fishes

7 Sougayilang 12PCS Grub Fishing Lures for Bass

The set of fishing lure proves to be a great tool for the ones who love fishing. The lures are made of high-quality, environmentally-friendly, reusable PVC material and can be stored for a long-term. If you hang them with the fishing hook, they glow in the water. Its ribbon-shaped tail worm is just ideal for any saltwater species as well as other predators. The holographic inserts in this lures lend them a real appearance. The extra-large tail of the swirl makes it move and swim even on slightly twitching the tip of the rod. It is durable which lets the anglers to catch more fishes. The flavor and scent that is infused into the baits attract the fish even from a great distance. These are the best largemouth bass lures that can be used in freshwater for catching different types of fishes. The 70-piece pack includes 5-pieces of 5.5 inch Senko worms, 40 small-sized fishing worms about 4.53 inches in size, 20-pieces of 1.65 inches sizing hooks and 5-pieces of 1.77 inches sizing hooks and one piece fishing tackle box.


  • Style: Soft lures
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Green, red, yellow, luminous
  • Length: 7in
  • Weight: 0.24oz
  • Size: 0.47in
  • Pack includes: 12-fishing lures


  • Being made of graphite, they are lightweight and corrosion-resistant
  • Each bait includes 13+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Features realistic head and body design with 3D eyes that can easily attract the attention of predators
  • The curly tail improves the underwater action
  • The bright colors easily attract the fishes


  • Its tail doesn’t have much action
  • The scent can even scare away the fish
  • They are flimsy and are easily damaged

8 wLure Minnow Crankbait for Bass Fishing

These are considered as of the best bass fishing lures due to their ability. This pack is known to add value to the tackle bag. The high-quality ABS plastic construction along with the wLure Real Skin Paint Technology contributes the lifelike look to the baits. Apart from the looks, the quality construction also adds durability to the baits together with the strong, sharp black nickel round bend treble hooks that are ideal for fishing different sized bass. Each product of the brand wLure is known to meet the global standards as they are made to undergo an extensive quality test procedure. The wide wobbled baits sink in the water slowly. If you are looking for low budget bait, then this Minnow Crankbait is the best option you can try out.


  • Total length: 3 1/4 inch
  • Body Length: 2 1/2 inch
  • Weight: 1/2 oz
  • 6-lures with a free tackle box


  • The eagle claw-shaped treble hooks attached to the lures are nearly 125% sharper than any regular hook
  • Each lure can go 12-feet inside the water
  • Swims straight
  • Available in different patterns and colors
  • Affordably priced
  • Wobbles in water create some action
  • Never catches rust in saltwater


  • The lures are light in weight so they may require additional weight to sink in the water
  • Some users complained that the baits do not run straight

Summing Up

While these are some best bass fishing lures you can choose to buy for your bass fishing, these all are reviewed on the basis of customer reviews, forum discussions, and personal experience. We hope now there will be no confusion and you can make the right decision.

However, don’t forget the things you should consider when buying the fishing lure. Never purchase the fishing lures in a hurry, it is wise to shop around and check out the options available to you. Moreover, it is wise to decide how much you want to spend on fishing lures. Not only it will narrow down the list of options, but also help you to make the right decision.

A fishing lure is designed to attract the fishes and make the anglers fishing experience good. It is the most vital item that should be in your bucket list before you go fishing. If you like this post, or you have any questions, feel free to share your comments or subscribe to our blogs to be the first reader and for more valuable information regarding fishing. All the best and happy fishing!

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