Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews and Buying Guide (2019 Update)

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In golf, the distance is a crucial element which you need to take seriously for success. Though experienced as well as professional golfers could estimate this with the help of markers and some physical things including trees and bushes but it does not always provide accuracy. Golf rangefinders are what you want for more reliable as well as accurate data. This is a device which the golfers typically use in order to determine a distance to the fixed points just like to a flag, hazard or green.

Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews
by Bestforlives

A golf rangefinder could be one standalone gadget which you wear just like your wristwatch or a clip on to anything, or this might be software which you actually install on your electronic units such as a tablet or smartphone. There’re 2 kinds of the golf rangefinders that are laser rangefinder as well as GPS rangefinder. Though both of these would assist you to determine a distance exactly, they’ve some advantages and disadvantages. Understanding its merits as well as demerits are what would assist you select the best golf rangefinder for your sport. This article provides you the best golf rangefinder reviews.

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What You Need to Look In a Golf Rangefinder

A golf rangefinder which is about to be a very good fit is just about to come down to some distinguished personal preferences:

  • Performance
  • Price
  • Features

The golf rangefinders that are mentioned in this article would do a great job of letting you know about the distances. There’re a few that would do this faster and are quite enjoyable. Also, they’ve features which aren’t always necessary but are very good to have.

There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself while deciding about the best device for you:

  • How long are you planning to have it?
  • Would you be using this in the tournaments?
  • What is the budget?
  • Do you need a feature of a slope? It would provide you a 2nd “play like” distance number which actually accounts for a flag being downhill or uphill.
  • Is quality and feel more significant, or just price?

Keep the above-mentioned points in your mind when you are going to read about the best golf rangefinders reviews below.

Why is It Good to Use a Golf Rangefinder?

By using the golf rangefinder typically makes the life of golfers pretty easier. If you know how far the certain hazards or flag is, you could avoid other time-consuming techniques. There is no one who wants ending up in the water or even in the rough hazard. Hence, to know more exact distance, you might use a golf rangefinder. The golf rangefinder could assist you to improve your sport, to decrease your handicap, to allow you to enjoy the game in a better way and also take you to a higher level.

You could also play much faster as well as more professionally, whereas yet maintaining the quality of the sport. This’s a must-have device for a golfer who is trying to improve his or her game.

Factors that You Should Consider while Buying Your Golf Rangefinder

To select a very good golf rangefinder, it is necessary that you have to consider the following factors:

Yard/Range Coverage

Consider using quite short range gun in order to hunt a lion. How much close will you go? 10, 30, or 50 yards might be! It isn’t a situation anybody will like to be. The same thing applies to get a golf rangefinder which you could not use as the yard or range coverage isn’t quite far in order to cover the course as well as the game. All golf rangefinders typically have a yard coverage or maximum range, so you need to make sure that you check it out before buying.


The golfing is just about accuracy as well as perfection. In case you are looking for tools for helping you in the game then you definitely have to take care of accuracy of the potential golf rangefinder before buying this. Most golf rangefinder manufacturers usually claim that their golf rangefinder has the accuracy within +/- 0.5 or half a yard.  However, sometimes it isn’t the case usually with a few products. There is also need for your due attentiveness.


The price of a golf rangefinder is usually from 200 dollars to 700 dollars. It depends on your pocket you might also have to look for some special discount or deals. Sometimes you might get your golf rangefinder at a 50% discount.


One element which people typically overlook is rangefinder’s size. In case you are a golf player then you would know the significance of freely moving around. In case you got a golf rangefinder which is weight less, portable, and also fits in your hands then you would enjoy golfing as well as playing with the tools.

Is this tournament approved?

You need to make it sure that the golf rangefinder is actually tournament approved. Every rangefinder is not approved. If you play the golf on special occasions or professionally then it could be an issue after spending a huge amount for that product.

Battery Life

It is a very important issue while getting a rangefinder that is its battery life. Most consumers of the budget golf rangefinders complain about is the battery life. You must check out that the rangefinder you need to purchase lets you play minimum a full eighteen holes game. This would not be good if after just a few holes its battery gets dead and often costly or hard to replace. You need to make sure that you compare battery life for every type as well as the brand. You also check what consumers say about its battery.


Most of the golf rangefinders do come with the LCD displays. There’re some which have high-quality screens.


As every device differs in some features. Hence, they also differ according to their magnification. This is crucial for a gadget to have high magnification as it assists so much to hit a target quickly. It also provides more accuracy.

Easy to Use

It might sound something irrelevant, but this is not just because a golfer (either a professional or an amateur) would need to know about the use of their device. A golf rangefinder should be simple to handle. Else, it will not be useful.

Target Priority

Several times while playing the golf, sometimes objects come in front of the ball. A perfect device must determine which kind of objects are your priority or closer to that flag you are going to aim at.

Scan Mode

All golf rangefinders have a scanning button that actually makes you able you to find those targets which are within reach. You should hold that button for just a couple of seconds; though as you press that button, the scanning starts.


A golf rangefinder should easily be readable. There’s no excuse in case the rangefinder that you purchase comes with some error. You could not get the necessary features for the costly device that you purchase.


One nice weatherproof golf rangefinder would be quite useful for you in all types of weather. There’s no limit while you want to enjoy the golf. Hence, your unit has to be always ready for this and it must not be destroyed because of weather conditions.


It is a useful as well as a unique feature as it measures changes of elevation between the target and the player. This also could estimate the exact distance that a shot could play but this’s banned from all tournaments, but in case you aren’t interested in the tournaments then you might use this.

Kinds of Golf Rangefinders

Golf Laser Rangefinder

It makes one of the important components of the golfer’s kit. Just like a laser, this uses a laser beam for measuring a distance to some object. While this does so, this measures time as well as distance that is taken by a ray. Then, this reflects back from that object and so you get a proper measure.

Advantages of a Golf Laser Rangefinder

  • Not difficult while setting this up when it is needed.
  • Long battery life which could be used many times in one year.
  • Its design same as the binoculars.
  • The portable size which lets you carry this anywhere.
  • Perfect level of accuracy that makes this quite easy while this requires to spot the particular object.
  • High magnification power which could help anybody while this requires hitting an object to a point.

Disadvantages of a Golf Laser Rangefinder

  • Spotting objects behind hills as well as trees are not very much accurate. Purchasing a hybrid laser golf rangefinder would solve this issue.
  • Misses a distance in the green areas. The flagged areas aren’t an issue when this requires spotting these, but the green areas could not be actually detected.
  • These are more costly as compared to the GPS rangefinders.

GPS Golf Rangefinders

The GPS is the most recent technology which is now used. It gives a precise as well as an exact locating system. They are typically recommended for those golfers who know these units before as this requires the updated software which is downloaded online. This unit typically works according to the principle of measuring a distance from the target to where your unit is located.

Advantages of a Golf GPS Rangefinder

  • Could give exact distance even if there are green areas.
  • Do not require to just focus the unit for locating a target.
  • Easily generates a layout of the golf course hole.
  • Its activation is essential to take the measurements.

Disadvantages of Golf GPS Rangefinders

  • These lag behind the laser golf rangefinders when this comes to precision and accuracy.
  • External factors might cause an issue in the way of its connection as of a hurdle.
  • Its battery needs to charge every round.

Benefits of a Golf Laser Rangefinder over Golf GPS Rangefinder

A golf laser rangefinder is more flexible as well as accurate than the golf GPS unit. You could easily find a distance to your target. You only need to point in the target direction and the golf laser rangefinder would lock on your target. You can use a golf laser rangefinder straight out of its box. Whereas watching through its lens, you could scan the surroundings hence you get a clear idea of green areas. In comparison to the golf GPS units, some golf GPS rangefinders need you to take the subscription. You will use a pre-loaded golf course. Following are some pros of the golf rangefinder:

  • Better accuracy
  • No subscription needed on annual basis.
  • Flexibility (could easily find the distance to a target)
  • No uploading, downloading, or updating of the golf courses


Top 10 Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews

ProductsModelRangeMagnificationAccuracyCheck Price
TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder - Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor - Laser Binoculars - Free BatteryTecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder - Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor - Laser Binoculars - Free BatteryUp to 540 yards6x±1 yard
Check Price
Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser RangefinderBushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser RangefinderUp to 1000 yards5x±1 yard
Check Price
Precision Pro Golf - NX7 Pro Golf RangefinderPrecision Pro Golf - NX7 Pro Golf RangefinderUp to 400 yards6x±1 yard
Check Price
Wosports Golf Rangefinder, Laser Range Finder with Slope, Golf Trajectory mode, Flag-Lock and Distance/Speed/Angle MeasurementWosports Golf Rangefinder, Laser Range Finder with Slope, Golf Trajectory mode, Flag-Lock and Distance/Speed/Angle MeasurementUp to 650 yards6x±1 yard
Check Price
Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Golf Laser RangefinderBushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Golf Laser RangefinderUp to 1000 yards5x±1 yard
Check Price
Saybien Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder with Slope - 1200m USB Charging Golf Range Finder - Laser Range Finder - Tournament LegalSaybien Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder with Slope - 1200m USB Charging Golf Range Finder - Laser Range Finder - Tournament LegalUp to 1200 yards6x±1 yard
Check Price
Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser RangefinderBushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser RangefinderUp to 1300 yards6x±1 yard
Check Price
TecTecTec Laser Golf Rangefinder VPRO500S Slope with BatteryTecTecTec Laser Golf Rangefinder VPRO500S Slope with BatteryUp to 540 yards6x±1 yard
Check Price
Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope MeasurementCallaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope MeasurementUp to 1000 yards6x±1 yard
Check Price
Wosports Golf Rangefinder Laser Hunting Range Finder with Flagpole Lock - Ranging - Speed Function 5-700 YardWosports Golf Rangefinder Laser Hunting Range Finder with Flagpole Lock - RangingUp to 700 yards6x±1 yard
Check Price

Please read the detailed reviews below

1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Laser Rangefinder – Laser Rangefinder with the Pinsensor – Free Battery – Laser Binoculars

Range: Up to 540 yards

Magnification: 6x

Accuracy: 1 yard

Warranty: 2 Years

This golf rangefinder actually has the latest technology that makes this more flexible as well as accurate than other measuring units. This exactly measures the distances and lets you enhance the golf like a pro. This golf laser rangefinder has a diopter adjustment function in order to give a crystal-clear view. If you are farsighted or near, you will easily see the object that you are measuring and also find the distance using fast-measuring technology.

The golf rangefinder has 3 different modes of scanning which are appropriate for any situation. It has advanced Pinsensor that allows you to measure the overlapping targets accurately. It is also superb for measuring a distance to the wooded areas as well as pin location. It also has a function of measurement locking that would provide you great confidence.

Hence, there’s no need of guessing a distance. You just need to use this VPRO500. This golf rangefinder offers an accurate measurement within +/- 1 yard. It helps you in finding a distance to hazards, flags or trees. After a look through the multilayer lens, you will have a clear idea of your surroundings.

The laser rangefinder also comes with the premium carrying bag, microfiber cloth, wrist strap, CR2 battery, and start manual for the setup. Its shock-resistant cover secures against impact as well as poor weather. The high visibility, smart, and yellow design allows you to easily find the VPRO500. This has got the best golf rangefinder reviews.

Key Features:

2018 Upgraded Golf Laser Rangefinder: The VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder is a superb premium product. It measures about 540 yards along with a scan mode that is continuous. It has Pinsensor technology as well as a water-resistant body.

Advanced Pinsensor Technology: It offers a quick measurement with one-yard accuracy. The Pinsensor technology accurately measures the overlapping subjects. It is also great for measuring the golf flags, wooded areas, and hazards.

Portable and Lightweight: The golf rangefinder measures 104x72x41 mm as well as weighs only 185g. It comes with a dust as well as water-resistant body that is great for carrying when golfing or surveying and measuring without any extra bulk or weight.

Full Package: It has an eye-safe golf rangefinder laser Class 1 with <0.5mW electric output. It has a complete package for the quick setup that includes premium carrying bag, 2 Years warranty, CR2 battery, start guide, microfiber cloth, strap, and customer support.


  • Returns yardage instantaneously.
  • Its Pin yardage actually locks on.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Perfect clarity. It’s crystal-clear and its 6x magnification makes it better than any other.
  • Durable case.
  • It is light as well as very small.


  • Would not register the distances above 110 yards.
  • Tough to target a flag.
  • Not 100 percent water resistant.


2. PinSeeker Technology Bushnell JOLT Tour V4 Laser Golf Rangefinder

Range: 5 to 1,000 yards

Magnification: 5x

Accuracy: 1 yard

Warranty: 2 Years

The Tour V4 Golf Rangefinder offers you the evolution of the PinSeeker along with great Jolt Technology in this golf Rangefinder. It also delivers an unrivaled accuracy that you come to hope from the Bushnell in a fast and small package.

The jolt technology offers you with the short vibration bursts in order to reinforce laser is just locked onto a flag. The rangefinder is also legal for the tournament play and it offers ranges up to 1,000 yards along with 1-yard accuracy. This gives yardages to the flags from four-hundred yards out. This Tour V4 rangefinder is great for the professional golfers. It comes with the carrying case and a battery is also included. It also comes with 2-year warranty.

It exactly ranges from five to thousand yards as well as 400 plus yards to the flag within 1 yard. It provides the 5x magnification. It offers a quick focus System that allows you to see the shot clearly. This golf rangefinder is also Pro Certified. It comes with a carrying case as well as a battery.

Key Features:

PinSeeker along with the Jolt Technology: This PinSeeker technology would allow you to locate a particular flag without seeing this. Though, this unit has a Jolt as well. Hence, it would produce some vibration bursts as the golf rangefinder gets locked on a pin.

Range: This could measure distances which are 5 to 1000 yards and also more than four-hundred yards to a flag while maintains an accuracy of about +/- 1 yard.

5x Magnification with Fast Focus: The 5x Magnification may not sound like much, still this works great with Fast Focus in order to make it sure that you are able to quickly target and also see your target clearly.

Slope Tech (Slope Version): Those distances which you get while using the unit are accurate because this uses the Slope Technology in order to compensate for the elevation.

Battery: This comes with the 3-Volt CR2 battery which can be recharged to make sure its convenience as well as continued use.

Additional: You get one premium carrying case for placing the golf rangefinder and this comes with 2-year guarantee.

3. Precision NX7 Pro Rangefinder – Laser Golf Rangefinder with Slope Elevation, Pulse Vibration, Precision Care

Range: 400 yards

Magnification: 6x

Accuracy:  ±1 yard

Warranty: 2 Years

To enjoy the best golf play, you need the accurate distance information. This NX7 Pro Golf Rangefinder is just ultimate in the rangefinders. It features Adaptive Slope as well as Pulse Vibrating Technologies.

Its Adaptive Slope Tech lets you toggle between tournament nonslope mode and elevation slope measuring. Its Pulse Vibration Tech is combined with the Target Acquisition Tech or TAG. It provides a fast pulse while locked on the target that ensures the accurate distance to a particular target, not what is behind.

You can enjoy playing as well as practicing better with this laser golf rangefinder. This golf laser rangefinder is accurate, easy to use, stylishly designed, and helps the golfers in making better decisions while golfing.

Its TAG Function can scan different objects in the field and can also focus on the particular target to make sure accuracy.

It also provides you a fast pulse while it is locked on to a particular target hence you know well what you have hit.

Key Features:

Adaptive Slope: downhill or uphill, you can handle your game well. Its technology gives “Play As” distance in order to make your club selection easy. Its adaptive element actually keeps golfers legal as it lets you switch the feature off.

Pulse Vibration: It gives you short vibration while you are shooting a particular target. There is also more confidence to assist you in picking the right club.

Clear, Precise, Quick: Quick yardage reading, clear optics, and precise tech make this NX7 Pro so easy to use.

Precision Care Pack: This golf rangefinder also includes two=year guarantee, service for battery replacement, industry-leading assistance, trade-in allowance, and more.

Included: The NX7 Pro Golf Rangefinder comes with battery, hard carrying pouch, instruction guide, cleaning cloth, and Lanyard.


  • The adaptive slope tech makes this rangefinder tournament legal.
  • Compact as well as lightweight design.
  • Water resistant body makes this ideal to use in the wet conditions.
  • Crisp as well as clear optics.
  • Very accurate measurements.
  • Simple as well as an accurate target.
  • Picks up a flag easily.
  • Free replacement of a battery.


  • Plastic body feels a bit cheaply made.
  • Quite short range.


4. Golf Scope Wosports Golf Laser Rangefinder, Laser Rangefinder with a Slope, Golf Trajectory, Flag-Lock, and Speed/Distance/Angle Measurements

Range: 5 to 650 yards

Magnification: 6x

Accuracy: ±1 yard

Warranty: 1 Year

The Wosports Golf and Hunting Golf Laser Rangefinder features the Slope. It is a great choice for the Golf as well as Hunting. It offers flagpole lock, ranging, fog, scan, speed, and distance correction. It provides total 6 working modes that give a great experience.

This rangefinder can measure 600 yards with the scan mode. With the golf rangefinders PinSeeker technology, the golfers could identify flagstick easily. This feature is pretty useful if a flagstick is half obscured.

Key Features:

Multi Functions: This golf rangefinder is the function-enhanced model for the golf, along with range, speed, angle, distance correction, and flag-lock functions.

Golf Slope Mode: This golf rangefinder is one of the most best golf rangefinder with slope. This ranges up to 650 yards as well as 180 yards to the flag lock. In case you have used on the M2 M3 Mode then Flag pole locks 180 yards.

Precision and Convenience: It gives complete accuracy to one meter in distance as well as 1° in an angle for the players. You could toggle the units between yards as well as meters.

Solid Construction: It offers a comfortable grip along with the ergonomic design. This rangefinder has a comfort grip and eye-safe laser Class 1 along with <0.4mW power output. The entire golf rangefinder package for fast setup includes a CR2 battery, premium carrying bag, cleaning cloth, strap, and quick start manual.

WoSports Happy Warranty: This golf rangefinder offers 1 Year guarantee and customer support.


  • Great optics. Pictures are clear and do not suffer from darken or blurred edges (quite cheap golf rangefinders actually have that issue).
  • Compact size.
  • Its instructions are given in English. You could easily understand them.
  • Perfect construction. Its surface is rubberized all over that feels actually solid in your hands.
  • Reliable as well as accurate.
  • Tripod mount.


  • Its battery is something not so good.
  • Readings are not accurate in each mode.


5. PinSeeker technology Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder Patriot Pack

Range: 5 to 1000 yards

Magnification: 5x

Accuracy: ±1 Yard

Warranty: 2 Year

The Bushnell Tour V4 Golf Rangefinder is the latest addition to the line of award-winning line laser golf rangefinders particularly made for the golfers. The Tour V4 golf laser rangefinder features the PinSeeker technology along with JOLT. This Tour V4 rangefinder weighs just 5.6 ounces. It is actually made to just fit into the palm of a hand. The golf rangefinder features 5x magnification as well as an adjustable eyepiece. It can also provide distance up to 1000 yards. It offers 1-yard accuracy.

Like some other Bushnell golf laser rangefinders, this Tour V4 doesn’t depend upon the reflectors and provides distance to bunkers, trees, and virtually an object on the golf course. The Tour V4 golf rangefinder also includes a battery, premium carrying pouch, and a blue silicone skin. The golf rangefinder with the Pinseeker typically emits eye safe, infrared energy, and invisible pulses.

The Pin seeker along with the jolt Technology gives you short Vibration bursts for reinforcing laser to Lock onto a flag.

Key Features:

Slope: This feature actually epitomizes the innovation as well as the quality of the golf rangefinder.

Accuracy and Range: This Tour V4 golf rangefinder has the range of up to 1,000 yards. It could also lock in the flags from even four-hundred yards away. You could bank on the distances being so much accurate to 1 yard. Its readings are too accurate as well.

Durability: It is a durable and strong golf rangefinder.  This rangefinder comes in the premium carrying pouch. It also offers 2-year guarantee.

Portability: Though there’re smaller golf rangefinders. But, its ergonomic, trim, and light design makes sure that this unit is handled easily.


  • This finds a pin or a flag quite easily.
  • Silicon cover that protects it.
  • Its button is lightweight to press.
  • Vibration indicator tells you about the flag.
  • Easy to handle.


  • A bit slow for focusing.
  • The jolt does not respond.


6. Rechargeable Saybien Golf Laser Rangefinder with the Slope – 1200m USB Charging Golf Rangefinder – Tournament Legal – Laser Rangefinder – Flag Lock – Scan Mode

Range: 1 to 1,200 yards

Magnification: 6x

Accuracy: ±1 yard

Warranty: 1 Year

This golf laser rangefinder has all those features that you like and hope. It is not an annoying device. With the latest technology, the Saybien actually has released the premium lithium-ion golf rangefinder which is rechargeable with the help of USB cable.

This golf rangefinder also includes a hard carry pouch, user guide, microfiber cloth for cleaning, and wrist strap. There is no need to guess about the distances. This golf laser rangefinder provides exactly accurate distances.

It is also compliant with the USGA Rule. This mode could be even used for the tournament golf. It tells accurate distances about the objects on the golf course. It is a big benefit. This golf rangefinder is also able to turn the slope mode off and you would remain the tournament-legal.

When practicing, or even competing with the weekly foursome, you can use the golf mode in order to retain adjusted slope distances. You would learn how much undulation of golf course impacts and how to play shots; downhill as well as uphill.

Key Features:

No Need to Purchase Costly Batteries: This golf laser rangefinder comes with the long-lasting battery that recharges with a USB cable.

Accurate and Intuitive: to one yard up to twelve-hundred yards (200 yards to a golf pin). It is great for golfers as well as hunters.

No Guesswork: It comes with a scan mode as well as slope mode.

Optics Guaranteed: This golf laser rangefinder offers 6x magnification as well as 2mm objective lens that can be adjusted for a clear picture.

Portable and Lightweight: It measures 105x72x40 mm and weighs 0.4 lbs. It also comes with a hard carry couch.


  • Straight-line distance.
  • Quick scanning.
  • The great tool for playing golf.
  • Adjusted slope distances.
  • Flag lock and buzz.


  • Troublesome while locking this one a target.
  • The cover isn’t water resistant.


7. Pro X2 Bushnell Laser Golf Rangefinder Dual Display Technology

Range: 5 to 1, 300 yards

Magnification: 6x

Accuracy: ±1 Yard

Warranty: 2 Years

The Tour-trusted and Slope-Switch Tech engages the Bushnell golf rangefinder. It has patented the Slope Technology in order to provide a golfer compensated distances.

There is the PinSeeker along with the JOLT Tech in order to remove any kind of doubt that you’ve locked onto a particular flag. This is actually wrapped in the waterproof metal in order to provide a golfer an ultimate laser rangefinder.

It is exclusive to Pro X2. You just need to simply press its Mode button then the Dual Display Tech lets the golfer toggle between vivid red display or black display that is based on the lighting conditions.

The PinSeeker along with the Jolt gives the user with the short vibration pulses in order to provide tactile confirmation. It also gives accurate distance. You can feel a jolt. This laser rangefinder also comes with a technology of the tour domination. Its slope compensation adjusts as well as calculates the yardage that depends on a degree of the slope.

Key Features

Dual Display Tech (DDT): The Bushnell golf laser rangefinder has also added a color toggle. It is within a display that allows you to change colors of crosshairs as well as numbers in order to ensure that this contrasts with the target.

Pinseeker with the JOLT: the vibration provides the golfer a feedback (jolt) if the golf rangefinder picks up a particular flag. It assists when you are actually shooting to the flag that is in front of the shrubs or trees hence you do not end up selecting a wrong club.

Slope Compensation Tech: The golf laser rangefinder takes into consideration the decline or incline of a particular hole and then it adjusts the readings.


  • Dual Display Tech – DDT
  • Super accurate
  • Easy to read
  • Pinseeker with the Jolt Tech
  • Slope Compensation
  • Lightning fast
  • Its slope feature is just right on the price.


  • Short lifespan
  • Poor refurbishment


8. TecTecTec Slope VPRO500S Golf Laser Rangefinder adjusted elevation distance

Range: 5 to 540 yards

Magnification: 6x

Accuracy: ± 1 yard

Warranty: 2 Year

The golf rangefinder uses the latest technology. It is very flexible as well as accurate when it is compared to some other measuring units. This exactly measures the distances. It also offers a 6x magnification. It comes with a multilayer coating which allows you to improve the game. This VPRO500S golf rangefinder has a slope compensation tech which calculates adjusted elevation distance.

This golf rangefinder has various scanning modes which are appropriate for all kinds of situation. The advanced Pinsensor allows you to measure accurately the overlapping targets. It is also great for measuring a distance to the pin location as well as wooded areas. It comes with a function of measurement locking that provides you great confidence.

There’s no need of guessing the distance. You only need to use this rangefinder. This golf laser rangefinder gives your accurate measurement within +/- 1 yard. It also helps you in finding a particular distance to the flags, hazards or trees. After just looking through the multilayer lens, you will have a complete idea of your surroundings hence you could play the game perfectly.

Key Features:

Upgraded Flagseeker: It comes with the advanced PinSensor Tech and latest Slope distance mode.

Durable: It is rainproof and provides 6x Monocular along with the multilayer coating for clear as well as bright images.

Full Package: It is a Class 1 eye-safe golf laser rangefinder with <0.5mW power output. It comes with a battery, deluxe case, and 2-year warranty.


  • Its distances are accurate.
  • Its slope mode is quite interesting.
  • Perfect case.
  • It is light and durable.


  • Don’t have pinseeker.
  • Its measurement readings are unusable.


9. Callaway Pro 300 Laser Golf Rangefinder along with the Slope Measurement

Range: 5 to 1000 yards

Magnification: 6x

Accuracy: +/- 1 yard

Warranty: 1 Year

The 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder provides the pin-seeking accuracy in the sleek as well as sophisticated design. The Pin Acquisition Tech or P.A.T. allows you to lock onto a pin from 300 yards away. It ensures accuracy even if other objects as well as trees are there in the background.

Its Birdie feature gives audible ‘chirp’ in order to confirm the distance to a flagstick. Its slope measurement tech measures the angle of decline as well as incline. Also, it calculates the adjusted slope distance. Its slope function could be even turned off by just clicking a button that makes this 300 Pro rangefinder legal for the tournament play.

It also offers perfect accuracy to +/- 1 yard. You will feel confident in the yardage and will be able to take a dead aim with perfect accuracy. The 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder measures from 5 to 1000 yards. It can also scan a landscape to get the distances for multiple targets.

This golf laser rangefinder offers a 6x magnification that permits for simple pin targeting as well as landscape scanning in order to get your targets. It is easy to read the LCD display that shows meters or yards to a target. It also provides Zero-In Aiming tech as well as slope information.

This golf laser rangefinder is of high quality in order to meet the needs whatever the conditions are. It is also fog as well as waterproof hence you could just focus on the game. This 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder would measure the decline or incline. It also displays with a distance to the pin. For more precision, its adjusted slope distance calculates as well as displays automatically.

Key Features:

PAT Technology: You will hold the button down for a bit and then the golf rangefinder would start scanning the area, picking out a flag among others features with the help of PAT technology.

Functionality: It is the easiest golf rangefinder in using. Only chuck its battery in and hit its power button. You are off.

Display: Its display screen shows a target mark, distance, and the measurement unit (in yards or meters). This rangefinder doesn’t work properly in low light.

Distance Finding: The golf rangefinder uses 6x magnification for displaying a pin up to 300 meters.

Approved for the Tournaments: This golf rangefinder is pro-certified.


  • Measures in meters as well as yards
  • Ergonomic, sleek, and nice casing design
  • CR2 3V battery
  • Its weight is 7.0 oz.
  • 5 to 1000 yards range
  • ‘Birdie’ tech chirps while locked on a pin
  • Fog as well as waterproof
  • 25″(L)x3″(H)x1.75″(W)
  • Accuracy is +/- 1 yard
  • 6x magnification
  • Slope measurement tech


  • Quite inaccurate


10. Wosports Golf Laser Rangefinder Hunting Rangefinder with the Flagpole Lock – Speed Function from 5 to 700 YardRanging

Range: up to 700 yards

Magnification: 6x

Accuracy: ±1 yard

Warranty: 18 Months

This golf rangefinder is perfect for the price. It is a best golf rangefinder under $100. This has the exactly same readings from 40 to 250 yards as the Bushnell rangefinder. Its pinseeking mode (that is mode 2) usually works while pointed at a flag. It scans over a particular flag and this would vibrate and then display the accurate yardage. The golfers could shoot the trees as well as bunkers. This golf rangefinder would easily display the distances. This is a great feature in this golf rangefinder. The carabiner as well as case hold on the golf pouch very well while riding and walking. It also does not fly open or fall out.

Its battery seal is quite delicate. Although using the golf rangefinder throughout your rounds, this would not move or loose. Though, you can also put a tape over this if something like that happens. The body/plastic/grip does not slip at all. It permits the golfers to write any name on this golf rangefinder with a permanent marker and it does not smudge off as well.

Key Features:

Yards and Meter Switching: In its boot state, kindly long press the Mode button for approximately 3 seconds.

Golf Rangefinder: Along with the flagpole lock as well as range modes, the golfers could easily identify the flagstick.

Hunting Range Finder: It offers a 6x magnification. It measures almost 700 yards. This rangefinder also has both the speed as well as fog modes, It gives you perfect experience for the hunting and golfing.

Complete Package: It includes a carrying case, cleaning cloth 3V CR2 battery, and a quick start manual.

Warranty: The Wosports offers18 months warranty. It also provides customer service.


  • Durable for the golf
  • Easy to use
  • Clear picture
  • Lightweight


  • This device offers bad yardage.
  • Its battery seal is quite delicate.

What Is the Best Way to Use the Golf Rangefinders?

Step 1: Buy a golf rangefinder that has got the best golf rangefinder reviews. The best rangefinder has the maximum range beyond a long hole at some golf course. Also, you must find that type of rangefinder which has a range beyond five-hundred yards to make a clear view of a particular hole on the par five.

Step 2: You need to check the level of magnification and golf rangefinder increments while going for golfing. The golf rangefinder must be quite adjustable down to every yard as well as consists of many degrees of the magnification in order to maintain a clear image of the target.

Step 3: when you are using your golf rangefinder at the golf course then you need to stand well outside of tee markers. The golf etiquette needs you to stand outside of a tee box when other golfers are playing ahead of you in order to make sure a fast game. You could also get a nice view of a course through steering clear of the fellow players.

Step 4: You need to focus on the specific spot on a golf course. There are several golf players who make this kind of mistake that is they look at the target even without putting this in context with rest of the golf course.

Step 5: You also have to adjust an eyehole of the golf rangefinder on the very 1st hole in order to make sure the comfort level during the whole round. Also, your eyes would wear out soon in case you have your golf rangefinder set at some level that is uncomfortable throughout eighteen holes of the golf.

Step 6: You should keep the golf rangefinder very clean on your golf course with a proper storage. You must wipe off its lens as well as eyehole with the golf towel while placing this in its carrying case.

Step 7: Also pack your extra battery in case you own a laser or digital golf rangefinder. You might require replacing the battery in case there’s too much heat that drains a battery with the repeated use.

Maintenance and Storage of a Golf Rangefinder

  • Keep your golf rangefinder away from the direct heat or sunlight.
  • Keep the golf rangefinder secure from the dust, impacts, moisture, jolts, and quick changes of the temperature.
  • Don’t use your golf rangefinder at higher temperatures above 50oC or 122o
  • Secure your rangefinder from the direct sunlight
  • Don’t touch the optical surfaces of a laser rangefinder. This might damage its anti-reflection coating.
  • Clean the optical surfaces just with the lens cleaning supplies.
  • Clean exterior of your golf rangefinder with some soft and clean cloth.
  • Keep your rangefinder away from central heating as well as heating appliances.
  • Remove the battery of the laser rangefinder while storing it for a long time.
  • Every kind of repair work should be performed just by some authorized service.
  • You need to prevent the sharp light from focusing by an eyepiece.
  • Make an Investment in some suitable carrying case for storing the golf rangefinder. Most golf rangefinders come with the storage case. It would secure your rangefinder from the harsh weather dust and elements when this isn’t in use.
  • You may need to make an investment in the universal mount in order to attach the laser rangefinder for supporting the rangefinder; its clip actually holds your rangefinder safely. This acts just like the home docking port that secures.
  • It’s advisable to place your golf rangefinder quite away from the tools that you use often. Keep the golf rangefinder away as well as don’t store this with some other kind of equipment s that can cause harm to the rangefinder. If your golf rangefinder is kept away from regularly used equipment then you would constantly avoid bumping heavy tools on this.

Final Words

This guide provides is a list of the best golf rangefinder reviews 2018. They’re best in the features as well as great to use.  A beginner or professional golfer could select any one of these according to their budget as well as requirements. Thee rangefinders are perfect to use due to their superb features hence you could select any one of these.

Performance of the golf rangefinders while reliant on the skills of their users, also depend on how nicely they are stored as well as maintained. Proper storage and maintenance make sure that every part is cared for and protected for so guaranteeing extended use and optimal performance.

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