Best Night Vision Scope Reviews: Top 5 Picks (Jun-2019 UPDATED)

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Night vision scopes function exactly like regular scopes but more adapted for night time. They usually come in two variants namely magnified and unmagnified. Even for the most elaborate devices, it is impossible to achieve the same standards of magnification as that of day scopes as night vision is more complex. With the strategic advantage offered by technology, it is now possible to spend more time outdoors delighting at nature and engaging in activities that make life enjoyable. Night vision scope offers you the desired convenience to have more fun yet be safe when you are out in the woods or in the dark at night. The most common usage of night vision scopes is on the rifles specifically designed for game hunting in the night. These come in handy in surveillance of prey and are a must-have survival tool for thrill seekers. For proper function night, scopes need a light source that is controlled so as not to ruin the intensifier tubes with too much light. For night gamers the sky provides the right amount of light for their hunting activities and even patrolling. These scopes, however, will not be effective in enclosed areas such as caves. This is why some night vision scopes are developed with IR illuminator. There is a rich variety of night scopes to choose from bringing you massive value whenever you’re out in the night. (Maintenance of night vision scopes)

Best Night Vision Scope
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Considerations to make Before Buying Night Vision Scope

Resolution and Clarity of the Night Vision Scope

This is the real potential of the image intensifier that it is calibrated at line pairs per millimeter or the potential of the night vision system calibrated in cycles per mill radian to differentiate between objects that are close to each other. The best night vision scopes are designed with the resolution of the image intensifier to be constant but with a varying system resolution. For devices such as night-vision goggles, there is a variable measuring the resolution at the central point of the image and its edges. When making a purchase it is important to have a good understanding of the resolution properties of the device.

Weather Resistant Night Vision Scope

This is a key feature to look out for before making a purchase as the device should be able to function properly when exposed to different climatic conditions. In the market today there are products by many companies with proven efficiency in different environmental setup. However, there are substandard products that will not be able to withstand adverse weather conditions. For the night vision goggles the major problem that arises is the accumulation of fog in the interior of its lenses which completely distorts visibility. Aspects to look out for are the ability of the device to provide a standard output with increased moisture and humidity.

Physical Attributes of the Scope

This entails weight properties, overall size, and ease of usage. The best night vision scope for you should not be bulky or include redundant features in its design which would make it hard to store as well as operate. When in the market go for the light and small devices as this will not get in your way when you need to be fast. The configuration of the buttons and switches also has to be laid out in an accessible manner for easy adjustment. The only exception in this category is if you intend to view from a fixed position in which a larger night scope would be appropriate.

Night Vision Scope Source of Power

These are mostly based on lithium and alkaline batteries for the civilian models and considerations to make here should factor in the long-term cost of replacing batteries. For the alkaline batteries, they are cheap and easy to accrue but they do not have an extended life like the Lithium batteries. In the long term, you get more value for your money by investing in quality lithium batteries for your night vision goggles or Binoculars as you do not have to replace them in short intervals. It is also wise to have extra pairs when going out in the woods just in case the current ones run out of power.

FOV and Magnification

Another key aspect to consider is the approximate range and size of the region you intend to explore. This will guide you to know the quality of night vision scope to buy in regards to it FOV and magnification. 1:1 lens with a 400 FOV will give you the best performance in different kinds of environments.


Assessing the recognition range of the night vision scope is also very advisable before making a purchase. The civilian night vision equipment despite recent modification is not as powerful as riflescope which can be used to single out a target hundreds of yards away. Recognition range is crucial than the total range and in the market today different producers of night vision scopes with different lighting properties including those using starlight, full moonlight, quarter moonlight or simply an overcast. Recognition range will decrease gradually as the source of natural light decreases.


Depending on the amount of initial investment you are willing to spend on a night vision scope, you need to consider a device that will have a standardized output over a long period of time The most quality equipment in the night vision category may cost you up to $1000 but come with superior features that make it very adaptable to the outdoors. Features you need to look out for include the range of optics, quality of the electronic components and ability to withstand different climatic conditions.

Infrared Illuminator

These are a must have for any night vision scope and if they lack its design should incorporate an allowance for one. The illuminator produces an infrared light which comes in handy when the device is not exposed to natural light. Different scopes have different ranges for the infrared light based on their size and the overall focus on design.

How Does Night Vision Work?


Top 5 Best Night Vision Scope Reviews

Sightmark SM18008 Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision RiflescopeSightmark SM18008 Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision RiflescopeGen 14.6x42mm2.4 lbsGlass-nylon composite/metal
Check Price
Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope, BlackFirefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision RiflescopeGen 13x1.8 lbsTitanium body
Check Price
ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope w/1080p VideoATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Rifle ScopeGen 15-20X85mm2.55 lbsSynthetic/metal
Check Price
Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle ScopeArmasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle ScopeGen 1+5x108 mm3.7 lbsAluminum
Check Price
<br /> Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5x42 Night Vision Rifle Scope, Weaver MountYukon NVRS Titanium 1.5x42 Night Vision Rifle ScopeGen 11.5x42mm2.1 lbsTitanium body
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Please read the detailed reviews below

1 Sight mark SM18008 Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope


  • Has a detection range of 135m
  • Comes with a video output
  • Hazard laser crystal display
  • 640 by 480 resolutions
  • Fitted with 6 inbuilt reticle options
  • Is adjustable to elevation and digital wind age
  • CMOS type sensor
  • Has a camera resolution of 656 by 192 pixels
  • Has a magnification of 4.6
  • Has a lens focus of 50mm with a 4.3 degrees field of view
  • Have durable batteries the maximum life oh for her when fitted with an IR

What We Like

The Sightmark SM18008 Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope Is designed for precision placement for medium-range and has elaborate attributes that help maximize its functions. What we found commendable about this model is its high magnification, it’s very lightweight design, and a relatively long battery life of up to 33% more than most designs available in the market today. It is fitted with six; green, red and white digital reticle which maximizes its range of usability. For hog and varmint hunting it is modified with 2 duplex reticles and also an additional mil-dot reticle design for holdovers and range finding. The night vision scope is able to distinguish between fine features at a range of 120 yards enabled by its superior resolution and magnification power. Whether it is in broad daylight or at night you will be able to record everything in a video so you get relive the experience whenever you are reminiscent. It also has good water resistant properties rated at IPX4 making it suitable for all weather.


  • It is designed to be shockproof
  • Designed to prevent eye injury with adequate space to prevent recoils
  • Comes with multiple reticles which increases precision
  • Has an optimal clarity with Built-In 810nm LED IR Illuminator
  • Includes video output
  • High resolution offer much clarity
  • Very affordable price range considering its superior features
  • Relatively fast startup time
  • Accessorized with a carrying case and a lens cloth
  • offered with a limited warranty


  • Unlike other elaborate designs, this model does not come with a remote control
  • It is not offered in a variety of colors just black

Our Verdict

This night vision scope is a very effective day and night equipment and offers you maximum convenience with its multiple features. Its price range matches its provisional features and is a worthy investment for anyone looking for a durable device.


2 Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope, Black


  • Has a stylish ergonomic design with a 6mm exit pupil
  • Comes with an inbuilt infrared illuminator
  • Sturdy titanium exterior
  • Fitted with a weaver mount that is fast to detach
  • A strong 3x magnification
  • Has an incredible battery life of up to 50 hours without the infrared illuminator and up to 20 hours with one
  • Its brightness properties of the reticle are adjustable
  • Its titanium body is very durable and light for handling
  • Has a considerably high resolution hence quality images

What We Like

With the Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope You will be able to pick out a target at far distances both in the day and at night because of its enhanced precision. With its 3X magnification, it is easy to hit a bull’s eye of up to three inches at a distance of 100 yards. The great magnification gives you an easy time aiming and you do not have to strain your eyes while at it. The great illumination makes this night vision scope very distinct to its competitors with an elaborate IR illuminator that works perfectly in pitch darkness. Another admirable feature of this model is it robust engineering that makes it preparation for hog hunting in the night. The rugged exterior protects the internal features from physical impact and the resultant shock. With this choice, you are guaranteed of durability and you can venture in unexploded territories comfortably. It is also enforced with titanium which makes it resistant to corrosion and heat with a very low density.


  • An outstanding magnification
  • Has an elaborate sharpness which improves clarity
  • Is able to attain an intense imaging
  • Its interface is easy to operate even in the dark
  • Has a high field of view
  • Very strong and adaptable to outdoors yet light to carry around
  • Its lens is fitted with a flip cover for protection
  • Comes with a carrying case and cleaning cloth
  • Has a 3-year limited warranty


  • Unlike other superior models, it is not designed for remote controlling
  • It also does not include straps or belts

Our Verdict

This is an excellent choice of a night vision scope and has had positive feedback from users. Despite being very durable and adaptable to the outdoors it is also complemented by its great performance, especially in the night. This is definitely a worthy investment for an avid adventurer and thrill seekers.


3 ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope


  • Its photos and videos are full HD
  • Has a fine electronic zoom
  • fitted with an accelerometer and a magnetometer
  • accessorized with GPS and an e-compass
  • accessorized with a ballistic calculator for smart shooting
  • 160lp/mm HD night and day modes
  • accessorized with a smart rangefinder
  • Has Wi-Fi drivers for connecting with Smartphones for a viewfinder
  • accessorize with Bluetooth drives and ATN center for updates
  • has image stabilization technology and a gyroscope which increases the stability of the device for accurate shooting
  • Also comes with an E barometer and a recoil activated video

What We Like

This is definitely a sophisticated night vision scope that really impressed with its next-generation features. This is the first of its kind to successfully integrate HD properties to its functions. The level of performance of the ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope leaves you yearning for the next hunt as everything is simplified for your convenience. With an impeccable resolution, its images are very clear with multiple colors that amplify the scenery to look like something out of a movie. The device comes with an assortment of sensors with increased processing power for an easy operation. You can also capture videos in high definition to share with friends and family. Another outstanding feature is its illuminator IR850 which adequately illuminates your view even in the darkest of the nights. You can as well forget the conventional lenses as this model uses digital imaging in capturing the field of view projecting it into an LCD display.


  • High definition display for photos and videos
  • Effective 7 pre-programmed reticles
  • has an incredible visibility at night
  • Comes with a recoil activated video with an obsidian core
  • Comes with a profile manager hence you do not have to reset every other time you go out but you can rather save your settings
  • Designed with a very high magnification
  • It controls are neatly laid out in a user-friendly manner
  • Comes with adequate storage space and a microphone
  • Has eye relief and long battery life of up to 12 hours
  • offered with a limited warranty of 2 years


  • Its many applications minimize battery life
  • Has a decreased night vision range compared to traditional models
  • It is not offered with conventional windage or the manual knobs. You have to make the adjustments electronically which could be tedious

Our Verdict

This is a night vision scope like no other with an incredible range of features and accessories most of which are digital in nature. Every other output is a high definition which increases clarity and precision. The cherry on top is that you can now record everything and you can share your experience right on the field as it can be paired with smartphone devices through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Given its fancy features, the device is considerably affordable and offers long service.


4 Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope


  • Has a 5X magnification
  • Low range IR810 infrared illuminator that is detachable
  • Long battery life of up to 40 hours
  • Perfect clarity because of top resolution
  • Water resistant
  • Its optics is shock protected
  • Mountable to standard weaver rails
  • Has a rubber exterior
  • Good reticle brightness that is variable

What We Like

The Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope has an elaborate futuristic design with an excellent performance in low light conditions and at midranges. This is one of the most versatile scopes in the market today with multiple applications for avid hunters, sporting shooters and for security purposes. This is because of its ability to aim with precision as well as perfect for observation due to its high magnification power. In the review of this model, it is easy to point out its strong features by analyzing its technological applications. It is fitted with turrets which enhance adjustment and windage also allowing increment in MOA adjustment. All these modifications boost the overall accuracy. Its inbuilt infrared illuminator is able to cover a wider field of view and has a strong light that helps in aiming. This could be an excellent choice for individuals with multiple rifles as it readily fits weaver rails.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Accessorized with lens cover and wipes
  • Has impressive optics
  • Great magnification
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Provides optimum clarity in the night
  • User-friendly design
  • Able to focus well on long range
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  • Sturdy exterior design resistant to water


  • Only suited for environments with low light
  • Compared to other designs it is heavier hence not the best choice for stalking game

Our Verdict

This is a reliable night vision scope from a trusted manufacturer with a long presence in the market. It is designed to give you a long service and its rugged external features offer resistance to physical impact and shock while its internal design accounts for a great performance. We fully stand behind the Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope and recommend it for professional use.


5 Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope, Weaver Mount


  • Red on green reticles that are adjustable
  • IPX5 water resistant properties
  • Titanium exterior
  • Magnification of 1.5X
  • Has a 20 degrees field of view
  • Fitted with 20mm eye relief
  • Has a lens of 42mm diameter
  • Windage and elevation adjustability
  • Weaver rail mounting
  • Its optics is multi-coated
  • Comes with a remote control among other accessories

What We Like

The Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope, Weaver Mount is an impeccable choice for anyone in the market for a durable night vision scope. Its exterior is stylish and made from titanium which makes it withstand the outdoors effectively. Its overall design makes it compatible with a wide range of rifles and is relatively easy to mount. The power pulse infrared illuminator has a range of 100 yards coupled with the 42mm lens enhances night vision letting you go for the kill shot with ease. It has a focus range of seven yards to infinite but the most accurate recognition range ranges from 75 to 100 yards. It is also light on the rifle making it an excellent scope to stalk an animal with. Another trait that caught our eye with this model is its compatibility with digital cameras which lets you document your expedition.


  • Accessorized with a remote control for easy control and making fine adjustments for accuracy.
  • Its lens is fitted with a flip cover to protect from scratches, moisture and physical impact which would distort visibility
  • Comes with a carrying case for your convenience
  • 0ffered with a limited lifetime warranty hence showing manufacturer confidence in the device
  • Its rugged design features minimal weight
  • Improved Pulse IR system
  • Compatible with many weapons
  • Its 2 AA batteries have an extended life of up to 50 hours
  • Perfect resolution


  • No notable drawbacks recorded in the review and customer feedback of the Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope, Weaver Mount

Our Verdict

In the list of the most efficient night vision scopes, this model stands out with a tested performance that has appealed to the best hunters, security personnel and sportsmen. The best attribute about it though is the ability to sustain an excellent performance for many years. This gives buyers value for their money in the long run.


Having a prior knowledge of the technologies applied in the night vision scope development boosts your overall performance in the outdoors whether engaged in hunting, sporting activity or part of a security detail. In all these activities, it only takes a split second to make the right judgment before firing and based on your visual aid you will hit your target or miss it. Night vision technology is only an improvement on the daylight scopes often mounted on rifles. These go a long way to guide your judgment as well as acquiring precision on your target. With the lenient laws and policies in our modern times, it is easier to accrue the most sophisticated equipment for your arsenal hence placing you at a point of strategic advantage when shooting from far distances from your target. (Tips for night hunting) In the market today, there exist different generations of night vision technologies. The first and the second generation are readily available but it’s the third generation of night vision scopes that offer you real sophistication from top of the shelf technology. Scopes that are light enough may be mounted on the rifle or alternatively worn. Depending on your preference these guide systematically analyses the best night vision equipment best suited for you. Night time is definitely a fun time for more people as they become aware of these devices. It is however highly recommendable that you first take your time to familiarize yourself with the best night vision scopes, their function, and controls. This way you will be able to enjoy your outdoor experience even better.

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