Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

Fitness Scholarships for Those Who Dare To Be Great

Bestforlives is in search of a motivated individual who understands that the true price to pay for excellence is a commitment to discipline. Fitness in the modern day life is a great life choice with multiple health implications that improve the quality of life we leave. Bestforlives is oriented to improving the quality of life in society hence extend a great opportunity for a fitness enthusiast who would like to be an inspiration to their community. This is a platform for an individual who has shown nothing less of passion in finding their way to the fitness industry despite challenges in their way. Bestforlives is here to grant you a well-deserved breakthrough with a full fitness scholarship for an equal chance to reach out for greatness.

Bestforlives seeks a candidate who:   

  • Is directly associated with a credible charity institution and this platform would go a long way to help their charity course.
  • Is unable to break even because of financial limitation despite having great talent in fitness.
  • Has the plan to use a fitness platform to impact positively and mentor youngsters in their immediate community.
  • Has been battling with any given personal problem and has had to go through a lot to be able to take advantage of a great opportunity just like this one. At Bestforlives we acknowledge that true willpower does not bow down to any obstacles.

Why Fitness Scholarships

Among the wide range of scholarships granted, fitness scholarships are hard to come by despite the central role the institution plays in all-around wellness. Many people have attached a lot of stigmas and misconstrued perceptions around people who concentrate all their efforts on staying fit. In the long-run however fit people do not suffer from lifestyle diseases, cardiac problems or complications such as obesity. It is then plausible for more and more organizations to propagate a culture of fitness in the society as this improves the quality of life which in turn leads to a more vibrant community. Many complications treated by over the counter medications can naturally be remedied with a fitness routine which in the end has lesser drawbacks to the body.

Giving back to a young person who is hungry for a chance in the front line is our way of empowering the next generation of innovators and key influencers. From personal experiences we have gathered, many sad cases of people give up on their dreams due to lack of supportive structures in the fitness industry. Bestforlives feels obligated to play its part in enabling a deserving youth who has decided and committed his/her efforts to succeed.

Scholarship Categories

Bestforlives will support any talented, fitness or special needs individual. Scholarships granted are actualized with our partner groups who offer full fitness facilities for a wide range of programs you would want to specialize in. For an individual seeking scholarship under any given talent, they must submit an application for the scholarship, must be active in any competitive forum, a letter of recommendation from their trainer or coach would also come in handy later in the review of their application once selected. For the fitness category, a scholarship application is also a requirement, a recommendation letter from a physician to back up the need for fitness training in regards to urgent need to manage their weight could help in the review of their application. A special need applicant will have to provide a medical recommendation that states their condition as well as a scholarship application for our consideration.

Fitness with a Purpose

Strength without a reasonable course defeats the purpose of keeping fit. This is the reason we have strict selection criteria for our scholarship program to reward a personality with their heart and mind in the right place. The modern world has attached an obsession to the institution of fitness hence complicating it for most in the society. This is evident with individuals doping and using steroids to enhance their performance and appeal but later turns out detrimental to their health. At Bestforlives we fully stand behind natural fitness routines for long-term health. If you are a team player who places value for the quality we are more than eager to let you into our team.

The basic requirement for fitness is the ability to go about your daily obligations without getting fatigued. Keeping fit makes one more perceptive and alert in their profession increasing their mental and physical output. Proper meal plans, hydration and adequate rest help in the recovery process. It is also important to note that comparing the modern community and the old one, the older generation had more endurance for physical activity because of their healthy lifestyles. Such included increased physical activity, diets based on natural foods and water. Today the main meal is junk foods and convenient lifestyles that avoid any activity that would break a sweat. If this trend is not checked, the next generation will be frail, highly dependent on pharmaceuticals which will interpret to reduced life expectancy.

The significance of Fitness Scholarships

Fostering fitness talent not only generates future athletes to carry our flag in international and local events but also creates a more agile society. Adoption of sedimentary lifestyles has come with its consequences and people adopt exercise routines when it is too late for them. Fitness routines such as cardio safeguard you from heart complications including stroke, diseases like diabetes, colon cancer, and many more others. Regular fitness routines help manage weight and keep the mind sharp throughout the day. People who make a habit of exercising age gracefully as their skin stays firm and their bodies toned down. This is the complete opposite for those who refuse to stay fit over time. With a healthy heart to, one is guaranteed a long life as this increase your lung capacity, sturdy bones, muscles of steel and a motivated mental attitude. The good thing about fitness is once you get started you will love yourself more and in time you will be too fit to quit practice.

Fitness Scholarship for Psychological Empowerment

Edorphine levels in the system of those that keep fit are always high which directly influences their brain activity. Endorphins essentially are the feel-good hormones which reduce stress levels most found in substantial amounts in people who maintain an exercise schedule. These are the ultimate answer to mood swings and keeping depression aloof. An attitude that can be sustained through the multiple phases in life can be achieved by staying fit and maintaining endorphin levels at an all-time high. Constant exercising gets the body craving for endorphins every day and keeping fit becomes more pleasurable with time. Other benefits that can be attributed to fitness is better sleep, improved self-esteem in social setups and improved memory. These are the right attributes for a person seeking to be the right motivation to others in their community and Bestforlives is ready to empower such an individual to realize their true potential in the industry of fitness.

Deadline and Scholarship amount

Phase 1:

Deadline: January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019

Scholarship amount: $500

Who Can Apply for Fitness Scholarship

Bestforlives is indiscriminate in opportunities it offers and as such every applicant will get an equal chance of review before the right candidate is chosen. This year, the fitness scholarship is extended to a student more so those that are pursuing an athletic career, actively engage in sports activity through an education forum, are members of a charity that focuses on issues of fitness and those that work in different sectors of the fitness industry. We want you to motivate us with your life story and dedication and we will get the resources for you to better yourself in the fitness arena.

Submit a 1000- 2000 word essay to Bestforlives about yourself and reasons why you believe you deserve this scholarship more than any other candidate.


Topics to Major Essay on:

  1. How has fitness impacted your life so far and what motivates you to stay fit?
  2. If granted a full scholarship, what contributions would you make to grow the fitness industry?
  3. In your experience what is the most outstanding challenge in encouraging young people to take part in fitness and what do you propose to solve this?

Privacy Policy

Bestforlives assures you as an applicant that the information received under the scholarship program is regarded as confidential and hence only reviewed by appropriate members in the organization. Contact will only be made by the organization to those that qualify for the scholarship or if additional documents are required to help us review your application. Your information is not collected once you visit our site and anything you share is not shared with any third party organizations.

Documents Required in Application of Scholarship

During this stage of application, you are not required to send any documents to Bestforlives other than an application essay. Those who will have compelling stories will be contacted via email for further instructions. Transcripts from respective learning institutions will be needed for students applying and also applicant appraisal stating academic achievement for any other applicant. You are advised against sending unnecessary material unless Bestforlives has personally contacted you.

Payment methods and the period for fitness Scholarship

After successful application and passing our rigorous review, a single installment will be issued within the course of next year. Checks issued are paid to the fitness program to cover your account. Bestforlives reserves all rights in the review of procedures and conditions of the fitness scholarship program with the discretion to alter terms as well as termination of the scholarship at any time if such is necessary. This scholarship opportunity will be available every year and will be rewarded to the candidate with the most compelling essay submitted on time.