12 Running Tips for Beginners – Tips You Need to Know

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Running is good for your health because it increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles and simplifies the most thorny problem. Thus, it makes you healthy and strong. It is one of the most common and the cheapest sport in the world. So, it is chosen by many people and it becomes the first option of new fitness enthusiasts. This kind of sport is perfect for all of you at whatever your ages, sizes or backgrounds. Sometimes, the start-up costs can be high when you join and practice in modern and good gyms. You have to pay much more for all the costs that belong to the fees related to running. However, if you are interested in running outside then everywhere can become good places for you to enjoy it. What you have to do is getting some fine shorts, T-shirts and a pair of sports shoes.

Running tips for beginners
Running Tips for Beginners – by NDZ

Now, I think you are ready for the long run. There are no more difficulties in running if you found out the ease of access, prepared mentally and physically well before taking up running courses. Therefore, your bodies can absolutely meet the demands so that they will adapt easily with all new things. I know that everything is tough with the beginners, but do not give up. You just need to make efforts, take it easy and to be more patient on your way. So, you can see it takes you to success really soon and make running become your new favorite activity.

Right Pair of Shoes Need to Be Invested

Shoes are very important for runners. Whether you run on a treadmill or run outside, wearing shoes is essential. Picking up the right pair of shoes depends on many factors beside their looks so it can be a daunting task for you. You should make sure that you can buy the best shoes that work well on the training places. Checking out the size of wiggle rooms, shoe weights and arch support is also important. For example, road shoes are suitable for you when you are trained on the pavements and a pair of trail shoes are always great if you run through the muddy trails. Moreover, lightweight race shoes will provide shock absorption to minimize your risk of injury.

One more thing, do not forget to purchase running shoes in the evening because your feet swell during the day.

How to Choose a Training Plan

Looking for some useful training plans on websites is not too difficult. Just pick up the simplest plans that are suitable for your body is the best.

Here are some great training plans that you can apply.

  • Set your training schedule three days a week
  • On non-working days, you can rest or cross-train
  • Running at a slow pace, combining walking
  • Strengthen yourself more by taking a long run or run/walk on the weekend. 40 to 60 minutes for once set
  • Walk regularly on all days of the week

Distance Is More Important Than Time

Some new runners are in too much of a rush to prove how fast they are. However, this is not the optimal way to train. When you begin training, it is so important not to overtrain in order to allow your body to get used to the new changes. At first, run slowly and then challenge yourself a little more next time.

The pace is something that can make feel nervous but just let it go and stop thinking about it. Running with hi-speed will never be the fastest way to get fit. Thus, it will be great if you train yourself in a longer duration and at a smaller pace if needed. Training at a rapid speed is not as good as practice for a long time.

Listen to Your Body

Your body’s response will say a lot about you during your running duration. Thus, you have to notice what your body is trying to tell you. A healthy and fresh body lets you know that you have had the right training. But, if you feel sore in some parts like a pain in the back, you should take a rest and see a doctor for a quick recovery. Do not force yourself to get hurts because it is just a normal thing in the running article. However, you should not forget that your body is totally different from the others. And, running sometimes works better for the other than you so you do not need to compare your rituals to others. You just have to focus on your running and keeping your muscles being trained.

Don’t Forget to Warm Up and Cool Down

Warming up before running is an indispensable activity. Warming up at least 5 minutes makes you be ready for a long run because it helps you enhance muscles for the upcoming activity, increasing body temperature, prevent injuries, reduce the chance of them feeling tight and slowly raise your heart rate to minimize the stress placed on your heart while starting to run. There are some helpful and common warm-up exercises that comprise light jogs, dynamic stretches, high knees and so on.

The cool-down like jogging or a small walk is the last thing to do in your workout. It is good for the running routine thanks to its large benefits which include decreasing your heart rate, removing lactic acid from your muscles and resting your blood pressure level.

Should You Breathe Through Nose or Mouth?

Mouth breathing is by far considered as the best way to breath while running because it brings in more oxygen than breathing through the nose. There is no problem if you breathe through your mouth and nose at the same time. For the good breathes, you should keep your mouth open slightly to let the oxygen get into the nostrils and relax your jaw muscles more so that you will not feel the tension while running for a long time.

Check Your Heart Rate Regularly

Check Heart Rate
Check Heart Rate – by Rastudio

Besides these factors that I have mentioned above, checking your heart rate is another important thing that you have to do. Heart rate refers to the number of times your heart beats in one minute. The number of heartbeats shows you how hard the heart is working to circulate blood through the body.

Running is a simple sport but it probably a cardiovascular activity because your heart will pump much more blood to many parts of the body when you run. Most beginning runners just focus on losing their weights instead of noticing how do their bodies feel by forgetting to check their pulses.

You can do the check up with your pulse every time, but in the morning is the ideal time for you. If you do not make sure how to check your heartbeats. Then, here are some simple steps for you.

Step 1:  Count your heartbeats in ten seconds.

Step 2:  Multiply the number by six to calculate your total pulse per minute. Or, you can count your heartbeats in 30 seconds, then multiply the number by two to calculate your pulse per minute.

In case you are having a clear schedule of training to keep up your fitness level, you will easily notice the improvement of your heartbeats. It can take you from 3 or even 8 weeks to see the measurable results. Thus, being patient is necessary for you in this practicing process. There is one more thing that you need to remember is your heartbeats need to be steady. Thus, if one day your heart rate increases 5 to 8 times per minute than the day before then you should take a rest and stop overdoing.

Buddy Up

It is helpful if you could look for a friend has a similar passion and goal in running like you. For a good reason, you will never feel bored or being out of the track when you run together. In addition, you should join a running club at a local gym to meet like-minded people who lead you to passions and goals faster.


A list of good music is always good for the long run. Normally, you just need to create some of your favorite songs in the playlist which inspires you to run more. It is not tough to do, is it?

Maintain Regular Workouts and a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a steady process need a lot of efforts. It is definitely great if you run 3 or 4 times a week to have regular workouts. And, do not forget to set time for every single run. It can be 30 minutes or 45 minutes depends on your running demands.

Besides, having a healthy diet is needed. Eating and drinking healthily will lead you to the good results faster and you will not make a big effort in keeping your body fit.

Keep Safe

Staying safe while running alone is becoming more and more important. You must learn how to stay as safe as possible but still enjoy running.

There are so many attacks and accidents for both men and women so far, thus you should have some good tips to protect yourself better in any dangerous situations.

Please have a careful look at these tips because they will keep you safer and feel more confident when running.

  • Run in a group with friends
  • Bring a dog with you
  • Take a phone, ID card and a flashlight
  • Take a map with you
  • Bring some energetic snack and water for the long run
  • Leave a message or call someone to let them know where you are going to run

Take Care of Your Trail Running Shoes

Taking care of your trail running shoes is the first thing to make your shoes stay around longer. Before washing your trail running shoes, you have to remove the insoles and then remove the surface dirt with a brush and warm water. These works give you effective drying. Good trail running shoes have to be dry properly, so you will feel more comfortable while running. Do not heat them to make them dry quicker because the heater can damage their shapes through the exposure to high heat. And, if you want them to dry overnight then running shoes are stuffed with paper towels or newspaper are a good option.


All in all, running is an effective sport which provides you a huge source of advantages in physical and mental activities. It makes you think better, puts you in a better mood and strengthens your muscles. Running can be always hard forms of exercise for the beginners but if you let yourself go with the flows and enjoy the freedom of running, you will know how good it is.

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